JLM supports the Pharmaceutical & Diagnostic market JLM with a number of new technologies: anti-counterfeiting for packaging, automation, clinical trials using RFID, biomarkers, micro-fluidic, drug delivery devices, lab on chip and bio chips array with sensors. Typically we work with senior directors of packaging, manufacturing, companion diagnostics, research and development, marketing and global sourcing. Headquartered in St. Davids, PA, JLM is located within two hours of 80 percent of the major pharmaceutical companies.

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Sportparkstr. 935578 Wetzlar | Germany Online   www.mbst.de  

Technology: Electronic Medicine A rejuvenate damage cells tissue that can be corrected back to normal with right frequency

Markets: Primary area covered arthritis, osteoporosis, orthopedic, dermatology (hair growth & skin rejuvenation) and potential with urology (ED erectile dysfunction), improvement in eye-vision and hearing lost. 

JLM is the exclusive-marketing agent for MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH to license the technology or acquire the company. Electronic medicine, in simple terms the body’s cells react to different frequencies and damage cells can be corrected with thee right frequencies. The right frequency is the electronic medicine which is controlled by chip card that is  programed with right  the “formula.”  The technology works for the same reason as the MRI technology works. The image giving technology is called MRI and we call our technology MRT (T for Therapy). In both technologies the resonance phenomenon is used. Below is file “Technology active principle” to see what is common and what is different subject the MRI and MRT technology.The patented MBST®- therapy from Germany provides body cells (in humans and animals) with new energy through highly specified treatment devices that aim at the particular damaged tissue. Thereby, cell metabolism is reactivated and regeneration is stimulated. Hence, pain will be significantly reduced on a long term basis and mobility will be regained. This treatment is proven out successfully with over 260,000 patients within the last 16 years.

Basic scientific principal MBST-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Therapy (NMR)

Evaluation of the Nuclear-Magnetic-Resonance-Therapy MBST in Respect to its Therapeutic Potentials

Circadian rhythm and Osteoarthritis - As Winner of Nobel Prize in Medicine 2017

The Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institute has today decided to award the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine jointly to Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young for their discoveries of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm. This study was on targeting the cause of  arthritis which won Nobel Prize in 2017


According to the latest scientific discoveries of Dr. Egg from the University in Innsbruck are that MBST corrects misaligned circadian clocks in cells. MBST is the only technology currently available worldwide which causes this correction. Also very important: The MBST-process of the correction of misaligned cells is patent protected!!  MedTec study is for the treatment of the “cause” for  arthritis  with a success rate over 80%.  Also written in two journals - Arthritis Research, UK & - Journal of clinic Investigation

According to a study, described in the,Journal of Clinical Investigation“ (UK) and further scientific publications, a circadian rhythm disruption is a risk factor for joint diseases such as Osteoarthritis.






Arthritis, could the blame be of the "bailed" biological clock?


With years the rhythms regulating the activity of cartilage cells change and favor the degeneration of joints: the possibility of new treatments

Osteoarthritis usually begins to show itself when you are no longer young.According to a study recently published on the Journal of Clinical Investigation , however, the blame could be above all the biological clock that regulates the activity of cartilage cells: with the go of the years it "sballa" and, by modifying cellular equilibrium, contributes wear on the joints.

Organic clock that ages

The data comes from an investigation for which Qing-Jun Meng of Arthritis Research UK analyzed a healthy human cartilage microscope, slightly affected by arthrosis or severe arthrosis; so he evaluated the expression of some proteins related to the circadian rhythms in the tissue. Meng has thus discovered that a critical protein for the biological clock, BMAL1, decreases as the severity of the disease increases; going to evaluate in the mice the chondrocytes, or cartilage cells, verified that aging, BMAL1 protein also decreases up to 40 percent compared to initial values. The correlation between the two data is soon to be said: with the passing of years the circadian rhythms within the cells that have to keep the joint healthy are altered, to the point that slowly develop arthrosis. As Meng explains, “the biological clock inside the chondrocytes regulates thousands of genes that in turn decide the time of day for different cellular functions, maintaining the balance between the cartilage wear that occurs during joint activity and the repair that must take place during rest. If these delicate balances are less likely the risk of arthrosis grows.”

Implications for prevention and therapy

The link between biological clock and osteoarthritis is confirmed by further data obtained by Meng on topolines: the researcher has shown that reverse light / dark cycle, simulating what happens with shift work or in case of extreme ice, disrupts circadian rhythms and above all increases the likelihood of osteoarthritis. "The goal now is to identify drugs that can affect the biological clock to reset it: some researchers are already engaging in this for other pathologies, but arthrosis could be cured or prevented,” says Meng. There are also other approaches that are simpler and handy to try and keep the biological clock as good as possible: eating and doing regular exercise, for example, is a good way to keep up the right pace. All those who suffer from arthritis know that at some times of the day the pains are felt more, our data indicates that there is a biological explanation for this: intervening with symptomatic therapies at the right time could be of great help, once the precise trend of the biological rhythm of the cartilage cells has been identified.”


Micronit micro technologies

BV Enschede, Overijssel The Netherlands

Technology: Innovative micro-fluidic, MEMS, & 3D microstructure capabilities using photo sensitive glass/metal processes not offered by other micro-fabrication

Markets: Pharmaceutical, Biotech, DNA sequencing, Diagnostics, Medical Device OEMs

Micronit Microtechnologies is an elite ISO 9001 certified design, development and volume contract manufacturing partner for companies needing hard substrate based (glass, silicon, photo structural glass, sapphire), high precision microfluidic products. Micronit Micro  is  a world leader in bio-based glass and silicon chip consumables for the gene sequencing and bio-medical industries with production plants in Netherlands.  Micronit offers contract manufacturing of integrated lab on a chip devices / microfluidic components. With over a decade of high volume manufacturing experience Micronit offers the manufacturing of integrated microfluidic devices using a broad range of manufacturing technologies and materials.

The state of the art cleanroom facilities and high quality processes and technologies with forward and backward traceability result in very reliable manufacturing with high quality products as a result. Micronit’s focus is to be a reliable partner for our clients that offers the highest return on investment for their business case. As a manufacturing partner we realize that our success depends on our clients success.

The synergy of Quality (process control, yield analysis, track & trace), Innovation (process and product R&D), and Volume (production facilities, reproducibility, supply chain management) is important to keep fulfilling the challenging needs of our customers. To transfer a product from development to manufacturing is of utmost importance to have a controlled, well documented process with known capabilities. Micronit offers its clients seamless scale up to volume manufacturing which reduces time to market and secures the supply of high quality products.

Cutting edge technologies include: award winning room-temperature, wafer level hermetic bonding systems, hot glass micro-emboss technology, in-house TGV (through glass via) with copper fill capability, large photo structural wet etch processing capability, and Pico and Femto second laser processing stages. It also has one the world’s most accurate five axis mills.  Micronit proven volume production capability has benefited numerous Fortune 500 companies. Its unique technology suite can significantly improve the quality, efficiency and cost points of current micro-fluidic programs and processes.

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IDL Biotech
(PUBL) PO BOX 11151 SE-161  SWEDEN

Diagnostics cancer (bladder) with UBC  Rapid  POS device for instant read (less than 15 minutes) with better sensitivity at significantly lower cost. Urine sample administrated thus a very simple process. Other cancer diagnostic (breast, lung, prostate) are only available as Elisa or Irma.  

  • Cystoscopy is the mainstay for the diagnosis of bladder cancer
  • UBC® Rapid demonstrates high diagnostic sensitivity in particular for CIS(Cancer In Situ) and  high-risk bladder cancer patients 
  • Benign conditions of the urinary tract must be considered when evaluate data as they may cause false positive reading, as for all urinary based tests.
  • UBC® Rapid is a quick assay and test result will be available at the patient visit
  • Quantitative UBC® Rapid measures a continuous parameter suitable for risk stratification
  • Lyme disease detection see MoncTotal Deck 

Countries like Germany in less than two and half years have captured over 50% market share of 500,000 diagnostics reads a year. IDL would like to handoff and provide exclusive global  license / private label rights to medical manufacturer with a sales channel of 50+ countries. 


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TPS in Breast cancer

tps in ovarian cancer

tps in prostate

ubc rapid for bladder cancer


Likvor AB Tvistevägen 47a SE-90729UMEÅ, Sweden

Likvor (Medtech) Unique tools for assessing cerebrospinal fluid dynamics  Why?  Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) is a treatable syndrome caused by disturbances in the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The symptoms are often misdiagnosed and mistreated as one of the dementia related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 

How? Likvor’s CELDA® Instrument provides a solution to the pressing need for accurate differential diagnosis of aging related and other CSF dynamics related neurological conditions. 

General  Overview 

Helpful info at YouTube: Here is a link to “The Untold Story” at 60-Minutes:  ( This is Codman shunt used by the patient ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fm0CZh_X-vM

A video from year 2013: “Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus: NPH From Diagnosis To Treatment” (Explains also the procedure from the neurologist to the neurosurgeon. Right in between – you would find Likvor CELDA® System! And you do not need to perform the tap test as it is included in the CELDA® as well) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdxeWPiT3fA

Likvor CELDA® System works extremely well both preoperatively when diagnosing the NPH patient and postoperatively when optimizing the shunt settings and/or testing the shunt functionality.

Likvor AB is present in five countries in Europe and like to hand off the technology (license) to medical OEM DBS

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Bergkirchener Str. 22832549 Bad Oeynhausen  Germany    www.balda.de     

Technology: Custom drug delivery devices

Market: Pharmaceutical & BioTechnology OEMs 

Balda Medical is an OEM for custom drug delivery devices with a special niche relating to pill dispensing. Balda creates custom devices for injectable or oral delivery that provide better compliance, safety and special benefits.     

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Randox Laboratories Limited

Northern Ireland (one of world's largest producers of biomarkers)