Client Testimonials



Transclick - Robert Levin CEO
“Last February, John Lyons accompanied me as a strategic advisor, business developer and corporate communications expert to Davos, to help my global messaging company, Transclick, that had become a Technology Pioneer of the World Economic Forum. I witnessed John Lyons in action as he engaged in face-to-face discussions on our behalf with Bill Gates, Michael Dell, senior Google executives, the founder of You Tube, the CEO of Qualcomm, and several other top technology leaders. I saw him engage with senior Nokia executives, venture capital leaders and senior reporters from the media in Barcelona. He is fearless, understands how to find and develop a growing market niche for any emerging technology with a strong value proposition, and has the proven ability to develop high level strategic relationships, bring new partners together and execute deals. He is a pleasure to work with.”

Ingenia Technology - Paul Speese, US Director of Sales
“John is an absolute genius at timing, ability to access the right people, and some form of persistence that is almost inhuman in its beauty and effectiveness.”

American Superconductor - Dan McGahn, CEO
“John isn't a shy guy... persistence is one of his trademark values. He was persistent with me in making sure that he could work with us and was always persistent with customers, even ones he would be cold-calling, and he could find the right individual in the customer's organization to have the right conversations with.’’

Powercast (winner of CES emerging new technology) - John Shearer, Co-Founder
“We were just coming out of stealth mode and with J. Lyons Marketing connections, we exploded at CES.’’

Apical – Noman Hashim, VP of Sales  
“In the brief eight months we have been working together, John has shown a remarkable ability to get through to the key decision makers and influencers to ensure we target the right accounts at the right level at the right time. To be consistently on the ball is a testament to his professionalism and deep understanding of the account base.”

John Lyons has been working at his craft a long time. John has the tenacity to make it happen in a big way.
— Kevin Kelly (cousin) author “What Technology Wants” and former editor of Wired Magazine

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing John for over 40 years as a loyal friend and business associate. He has inspired me to always move in a positive direction and push the outside of the envelope. His ambition, passion and fresh ideas have continued to help me grow my business through the changing
business cycles.
— Francis Iacobucci, President of Francis Iacobucci Properties since 1955

To say I have known John Lyons for over forty-five years would be an understatement. To say I have lived and been positively influenced by the John Lyons lifestyle is a more accurate statement. My lifetime association with John has caused me to become a more positive, motivated, hardworking and successful business person as I seek to emulate his accomplishments. The best part of this is that I have also strived to reach these higher levels in the same way that John does… with a smile on my face and with the highest degree of ethics.
— Francis J. McAleer, Jr., Director of Retirement Solutions at Raymond James Financial, Inc.