JLM covers network gear — routers, switchers & servers market.  Mostly covering new advanced hardware for data centers . Other areas include wireless broadband transmission gear used in telecom base stations.  The strongest area is for data centers on a “green” platform mainly reducing energy cost with innovative technology. 

Sparatech  LLC   St Davids, PA 

John Lyons Co-founder thus license marketing his own products. It is estimates revenue could do over a billion on thermal electric microfluidic device that captures heat energy and converts to electric power.  

The heat absorption panel is simply replaced with the Sparatech panel.

As for the temperature differential, our system operates with as low as 10 degrees C but operates with increasing efficiency at temperatures as high as 600 degrees C. It can be implemented on all servers; however, it is unlikely that all server cooling systems will be converted until the capital investments are scheduled. New installations are a natural for immediate implementation. The systems similar to the Sparatech figure are an easy, cost effective retrofit. 

The benefit to the server farm operator are immense. Our system generates DC electrical power. This power can be used to drive coolant pumps or fans, etc. Excess energy can be used for power storage in a battery backup mode. This system eliminates entire refrigerant systems and large liquid pumps/air heat exchangers. This fact virtually makes the cooling system more affordable by reducing capital installation equipment and space costs. 

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Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) – Global Leader in Data Center Immersion Cooling Technology

11525 Stonehollow DrSuiteA-150 Austin, TX 78758

An advance coolant technology that reduces energy cost by wide margin and proven out with US Air-Force and number of Fortune Five Hundred firms   

  • Eliminates Fans , Chillers CRACS, CRAH , Raised Floors etc
  • Plug and Play 
  • Flexible platform supports any OEM  
  • Containerized Data Centers 6-8 weeks to deploys 
  • Fluid compared to air cooing has a factor of 1200X more efficiency 
  • Fluid cool servers cost 40 % less then air cool servers 
  • Two MW sites in operation that can be reviewed and multi references 

GRC Executive Level Deck

Oil Immersion Cooling for Today's data centers

electrosafe coolant fact sheet

NSA whitepaper

PIC press release

VSC-3 hardware reliability

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Sofant Technologies Ltd. 
Alexander Crum Brown Road Edinburgh, EH9 3FF

5G Frequency Millimetre WaveTechnology that can reduce high power consumption to lower power, ideally for mobile devices ( smart phones ).  The RF front end challenges in mmWave devices a good analysis of the power consumption/thermal challenges. Sofant outlines the type of architecture that our low loss phase shifter technology enables. Sofant works with the major wireless network providers and semiconductors fab houses. 

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5G in perspective

5G PA Implementation & integration aspects

presentation to verizon