We are the premier Technology Matchmaker with a track record of introducing innovative new technologies from around the world into Fortune 500 companies. 

New ideas and new technologies are the lifeblood of industry but it is hard for small start-up companies to find the right people to pitch their products to and to get them to take their calls.  That is where we come in as a Manufacturer's Representative.  We know the right people and, more importantly, they trust us when we say that they should meet with you.  They take our calls because they know it will be worth their while.

We keep in constant contact with CTOs and senior product developers working for the elite technology leaders in Fortune 500 companies so we know what problems and issues they are facing.  This enables us to matchmaker your solutions directly to their pressing needs in the sensors, batteries, renewable energy, semiconductors, software, wireless, smart materials and solar markets.  If you are high tech, we can help you.

We have been representing companies in the US for over 25 years, with a successful track record of setting up meetings and driving the process through to multi-million dollar deals.  Check out what our clients have to say about us here.

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John Lyons
President, J Lyons Marketing