Customer Testimonials

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Danaher – Joe O’Shea, SVP Strategic Development Innovation:
“We groom JLM to be one of the best external tech scouts in America.” 

Johns Hopkins University – Dr. Ted Poehler, former prevost and voted by MIT Review as one of top ten most influential people in America:
“JLM helped commercialize new technology outside our main NIH programs and landed a major project within first three months. Also I was one of the patent holders.” 

GreatBatch – Dr. Robert Siegler, Sr. Mgr., Advanced Innovation Concepts:
“My job is to look for new, emerging technologies that we might be interested in licensing, collaboratively developing, or acquiring. John is a valuable resource because of his many contacts and keen eye for new, emerging technology concepts. He continuously brings excellent prospects to the table and aggressively establishes engagement between the parties. He’s on top of his markets and understands the strategic importance of solid market and technology intelligence. In sum, John is a valued resource, has great focus, and is a pleasure to work with.”

Pfizer – Greg Norden, former CFO: 
"I have known John Lyons for close to twenty years and have enduring respect for his work ethic, his tenacity, and his integrity. He brings all the tools necessary for success in pharmaceuticals and can be a great source in new technical development for these businesses.”

General Electric – Joe Salvo, Manager - Information Pervasive Decision System Lab:
“JLM on new technology business development is exceptional bar none.”

Nielsen Media Research – Joseph T. Rodolico, Director of Innovation: 

“Nielsen Media has found JLyonsMarketing to be a great source to explore high technology companies in stealth mode. These companies are usually under the ‘radar screen’ and John has been a great asset in putting us in touch with these companies.”

The Morey Corporation – Stewart A. Skomra, VP of Product Management & Market Development:

“John Lyons is a ‘Big-Game Hunter’ in the Technology Sales/Business Development arena. He and I made acquaintance through Paul Jacobs when I was at Qualcomm. His background can quickly develop strategic growth in new sectors and segments.”

Lenovo – Tyger Russel, Director of Innovation: 

“We go back some twenty-five years and, over time, John Lyons has proven to be a great source of new technology that is worth a serious review… Frankly, John Lyons is one of the best in the business.”

Samsonite Corporation – Jason Gifford, Design and R&D Director:

“John Lyons is a great source for technologies and developments outside of our expertise. He’s able to connect us with sources for things we need and things we didn’t even know we needed. A great resource.”

Abagnale & Associates – Frank W. Abagnale, security innovation expert & famous author of “Catch Me If You Can:” 
“I have reviewed and shown clients new technologies from JLyons Marketing… very impressive!"


Hunter, Reed and Company – Steve DiFrancesco, CEO/Principal Broker

“John Lyons is the most well-connected, hardest working marketing guy I’ve ever met. You simply can’t choose to ignore this guy nor should you. John is the real deal fantastic entrepreneurial instincts, a work ethic that a Navy Seal would appreciate, and a gift for connecting with people in a way that’s totally genuine and honest. John’s address book is literally a who’s who and even better, he’s universally well-respected and well-liked. Get John Lyons on board … before your competitor does.”

Simplot Partners – John Doyle, Director of Innovation:

“John Lyons is relentless on presenting new technologies companies to Simplot. The majority are start-ups that have a niche for our markets and typically are under the radar. We are aggressively moving forward with one company that should go into production this Spring. The upside has great potential and could be a game changer.”