J Lyons Marketing has built strong relationships within the energy sector, working closely with the largest energy users as well as OEMs. We have been retained by industry leaders to develop solar, wind, energy storage and oil and natural-gas shale development. We have assisted numerous start-up companies producing batteries, solar energy, energy storage, fuel cells, tidal energy and wave energy. JLM has a proven track record with new solar technology – starting with Konarka more than 15 years ago. On average, JLM reviews over 1,000 new technology companies every year and maintains a major focus on low cost solar technology. For the past three years, our primary focus in the energy sector has been Sparatech, which provides a very low cost solar solution.


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Through independent third party studies, solar efficiencies have been proven to almost double photo-voltaic technology efficiencies. This efficiency, when properly implanted into a solar system, represents the holy grail of solar energy. Spara Tech, Inc. has created a globally based search to evaluate several processes that are necessary to construct prototypes as well as enable even higher efficiencies with a multi-metal layer design. Spara Sparatech is stealth mode company that has been perfecting the manufacturing process and  licensing design to elite 3rd party electronic manufacturer that can take R &D design to full production 

The potential licensee is a global Fortune 500 firm which JLM has 20+ year history. Spara Tech has gain interest with a number of the  top ten solar panel OEM’s. There is no additional process equipment and no major capital investment. The new hybrid electric solar panel that can capture 25% of total market share as half the cost than today’s current prices. Full production time wise less than 12 months. This is a market that by adding a new line starts at $1B a year in sales. Demonstrations are being set up with companies that sign a letter of intent. 

R&D Prototype Demonstrated:

In order to verify the thermoelectric effect, the open-circuit voltage and the short-circuit current were measured with precision multimeter (Tektronix DMM4040).

The junction setup is located at the right lower side of the picture, the ca 5x5 cm glass plate is mounted vertically, so there is an access to the back for the heating experiments. The junctions & wring are located on the front-side, to avoid any damage by touching the fragile printed metal lines during the experimentation.

Circuit voltage with junctions at room temperature = initial state before any experimenting with local heat-up with finger (ca 35°C) and with heat-up by small gas flame ( ca 110°C) 

Temperature was measured with IR-camera, having an calibrated temperature read-out.

Voltage & current was detected : 

Our R&D partner has produced and lab tested a "proof of principle" TE circuit. This device was manufactured using the materials we designed and sourced. The circuit was produced by an ink layering technique and laser sintering , as we have designed. The single junction produced the precise voltage we predicted. Multiple circuits were interconnected and, indeed, produced a series battery effect in voltage. In essence, 100% of the theoretical designs predictions were achieved. The proof of technology has been demonstrated. 

Our Summary

SparaTech’s new Thermal Electric solar panel design has been refined by association with several companies that have demonstrated the manufacturing processes needed to achieve low cost rate production. The processes required include metabolized ink print electronics, laser sintering, micro-fluidic circuitry and  laser etching and bonding that  already exist for other markets. The transition to rate manufacturing requires the conjunction of each of these 3rd party capabilities and existing equipments into a single manufacturing entity source. The material cost of three metals and glass substrates is substantially insignificant when compared to semiconductor material. The Micro-fluidics cooling enables the solar panel to achieve extremely high energy efficiencies. It is the perfect adjunct to work as an additional energy generator to photo voltaic panels. Current solar panels are approaching their max on both efficiency and cost. The SparaTech panel is projected to produce lower volts/watt than even the current level of photo voltaic panels.

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J Lyons Marketing first experience with solar started with a start up company called Konarka which raised $160M back in in 1998. The technology was based on printed electronics process and made claims to be the greatest technology break thru of the decade. JLyons Marketing was hired to develop interest to pilot beta test the thin film solar technology  and from the beginning the solar performance never had energy output  and within five years went out of business. The technology was based on low price points and performance which “hooked” John Lyons on solar technology. Now about twenty years later  Sparatech looks to have the low price points and performance thus could be a game changer in the solar world. Over the years J Lyons Marketing has made low cost solar a “pet project’’ reviewing hundreds if not thousands of companies , processes & materials to come up with a low cost solar solution. As founder of J Lyons Marketing a technology marketing firm the ultimate true test is developing a technology that is disruptive a game changer. Now co - founder with the inventor Tony Corrado and working on license agreement in 2018.

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Microfluidics – Thermal Electric Panel For Data Centers


Micronit Microtechnologies

BV Enschede, Overijssel The Netherlands
Micronit Microtechnologies  Enhance Oil  Recovery Microfluidics  Technology

We have confidential customized products developed for 3 world leading oil companies . But Lawrence Berkeley Lights is also a customer.

See https://eesa.lbl.gov/projects/sseor/ or https://eesa.lbl.gov/profiles/jiamin-wan/ for more info. See also our webstore on standard EOR products at where you can find detailed info about specs. See https://store.micronit.com/microfluidic-chips/enhanced-oil-recovery-chips

At Micronit we provide innovative Lab-on-a-chip and MEMS solutions using micro- and nanotechnologies. Solutions that help our customers improve their products and research, contributing to the quality of life.Research & prototyping services, creative product development and quality manufacturing are our core businesses. Customers gain added value from our unique combination of: 

  • Microfluidics and MEMS expertise from design through prototyping to manufacturing
  • Materials, from glass to polymers, silicon or hybrid combinations
  • Customer application know-how

This enables our customers to develop winning products, both now and in the future. For example products for DNA analysis, medical devices, components for analytical instrumentation and space technology.

Micronit is located in the Netherlands and Germany and has customers in over 50 countries.    www.micronit.comwww.micronit.de

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