JLM supports the Pharmaceutical & Diagnostic market JLM with a number of new technologies: anti-counterfeiting for packaging, automation, clinical trials using RFID, biomarkers, micro-fluidic, drug delivery devices, lab on chip and bio chips array with sensors. Typically we work with senior directors of packaging, manufacturing, companion diagnostics, research and development, marketing and global sourcing. Headquartered in St. Davids, PA, JLM is located within two hours of 80 percent of the major pharmaceutical companies.

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Pharma clients

Universal Biophysical Stimulation Machine alternative to pharma and targets more for the cure than continuous treatments. 


Biophysical stimulation is disruptive and needs an outsider in healthcare. Most of the technolgy is developed out of Germany which is world leader regeneration medicine / digital therapeutics.  The global digital therapeutics market is expected to reach USD 9.3 billion by 2025.  ( "Digital Therapeutics Market 2014 - 2025" report) Digital therapeutics, known as software-as-a-drug, has undergone significant developments, because of its cost-effectiveness and the potential to influence human behavior - a challenge that is difficult to overcome in healthcare. Our bodies own energy can cure itself by electronic stimulation mainly just need the right frequency. the software replaces a drug. 

The simplest explanation as human tissue  cells normally  like to rejuvenate on their own and damage cells go to sleep meaning still live cells which can be rejuvenated . Treatment can effectually wake up “sleeping cells” and bring back to normal state.  Even hair cells as one of the most complex organs in the human body. This is logic behind the science waking up cells to normal state . An universal device has number major indications in orthopedics (muscles, ligaments, tendons), neurology  (depression ), organs ( liver ) and dermatology  (hair growth & skin rejuvenation). JLM has most of electronics stimulation firms under agreement and is putting a team together to develop a universal medical device  to cover four areas.   A universal device  design for  roughly 10 illness  and  a separate stand alone device for each vertical market. 

1.Orthopedics  covering arthritis , alternative treatment  to knee and hip implants and osteoporosis 

2.Neurology depression, MS, Parkinson, Eating Disorders, Dementia 

3.Organs, liver, diabetes, inner ear, urology 

4.Cosmetic  Dermatology  mainly covering hair growth and skin rejuvenation (replace botox) 

Below are examples of companies and number have FDA Approval . Also FDA looks to remove innovation barriers in digital health space , finding balance between speed and quality   

https://www.outsourcing-pharma.com/Article/2018/10/18/FDA-proposes-new-Center-of-Excellence-for-Digital-Health-to-remove-innovation-barriers  FDA reviews two areas one safety and second benefit. 

 FDA has approve a number of non invasive electronic stimulation treatments.    

 Examples :

Orthopedics - Arthritis & Osteoporosis 

A) MedTec Medizintechnik GMBH  Wetzlar, Germany  treats arthritis , osteoporosis and alternative  treatment than having knees or hip implants. 

The technology works for the same reason as the MRI technology works. The image giving technology is called MRI and we call our technology MRT (T for Therapy). In both technologies the resonance phenomenon is used. Below is  file “Technology active principle” to see what is common and what is different subject the MRI and MRT technology. The patented MBST®- therapy from Germany provides body cells (in humans and animals) with new energy through highly specified treatment devices that aim at the particular damaged tissue. Thereby, cell metabolism is reactivated and regeneration is stimulated. Hence, pain will be significantly reduced on a long term basis and mobility will be regained.  This treatment is proven out successfully with over 280,000 patients within the last 18 years. Ten percent of $400 Billion pharmaceutical market covers arthritis  which only releases pain and not cure the illness        








B) Next Wave, Finland    

Physioacoustic therapy affects all body functions, mainly the control center in the brains, the thalamus, but also on other nerve tissue, muscle and connective tissue and the blood and lymph circulation. The technology has been incorporated into a special reclining therapy chair and into a luxurious wellness bed. Here are six audio speakers placed connected to a special software program. The speakers produce audible and sensible sound vibrations that will influence the body at cellular level.   Physioacoustic therapy is based on the natural frequency of every human cell. When playing the correct frequency a specific group of cells will vibrate unconstrained. In physics this is called resonance. The natural frequencies of numerous groups of body cells are stored  in the computer software. Different frequencies in a range of 27 till 113 Hertz, are combined to achieve the optimum resonance. The unique ability to control the direction of the sound – from bottom to top, and vice versa – will stimulate the blood and lymph circulation. Changing the strength (pulsation) of the sound vibrations will prevent overstimulation.

Physioacoustic therapy works through clothing, bandage, medical support modifications or plaster cast.Physiocoustic therapy is also called: Physio Acoustic,  PAS, PA or Sound Wave therapy. Physioacoustic Therapy equipments has been sold over 2000 units around the World 

C)   BioniCare Medical Technologies, Inc  ( FDA approved )

Osteoarthritis Knee Device and the Rheumatoid arthritis Hand Device for the treatment of arthritis.  www.vqorthocare.com       wearable battery pack knee and hand-brace   sales over $40M

D)  Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital which is world’s best in physical medicine to do joint ventures on clinical trials. 


A ) MEDTEC MEDIZINTECHNIK GMBHSportparkstr. 935578 Wetzlar | Germany Online   www.mbst.de  Rejuvenate cell tissue grow this effects over 100 million people   A basic clinical study that show promise organ tissue that cells will grow. 

B) The Future of Diabetes Treatment: Is a Cure Possible? Best Hope Is Cell Therapy MedTec is looking for a partner. 


Neotone Germany company  that makes electronic stimulation for ED  and FDA approved. This can be incorporated into “universal medical device" Now under agreement with JLM 


D) Audiology ( Ringing in the ear ) 

   Livtec Ingenieurbüro GmbHMarie-Curie-Strasse 879539 Lörrach Germany  www.laser.de developed laser pen  CE marked alternative then a drug. 



Brännbackantie 8 FIN-10120 Tähtelä  Finland   www.nextwaveworldwide.com

 We could cover  ( opioids ) then Depression , MS , Parkinson and Alzheimer.  Next Wave makes a chair  The business model is to license the technology ( software ) and design a speaker system to develop product   Next Wave® quickly became a leader in the Complementary and Alternative device marketplace, providing full body-sound stimulation treatment for patients of medical professionals, senior living facilities, autism treatment centers, hospitals, drug rehabilitation facilities, and sports medicine.

B) SRT a Germany company  

Treatment for MS &  Parkinson  1600 machines in Germany results are immediate. 

 SRT - stochastiv resonance therapy. Invented and developed from Prof. Dr. Dietmar Schmidtbleicher und Dr. Christian Haas at the Goethe University in Frankfurt/Germany more than 10years-ago.


Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease Are Failing: What Can Be Done?  https://labiotech.eu/alzheimers-disease-clinical-trials/

C) EXMI Technology

GmbH Xaver Weismorstr. 22a81829 München www.neocontrol.de

EXMI license technology to Neuronetics, Inc.  a commercial-stage medical device company focused on designing, developing, and marketing products that improve the quality of life for patients who suffer from psychiatric disorders . Neuronetics’ NeuroStar® Advanced Therapy System, is the leading transcranial magnetic stimulation  TMS) treatment f

Brian Stimulation TMS Technology OEM’s 

1)Magventure  Alpharetta, GA  transcranial magnetic stimulation solutions FDA non -pharnaceutical 

2) Neurosoft  ( Russia )  www.neurosoft.com  FDA Approved 

3) MAG & More GmbH  Munich , Germany  FDA Approved  

4) Nexstim  ( Finland ) www.nexstim.com  FDA Approved 

E) Livtec  Ingenieurbüro GmbH Marie-Curie-Strasse 8 79539 Lörrach Germany 

A near-infrared-lasertherapy (NIRLT) as trans-cranially laser-therapy (TLT) will be evaluated in a phase-III-study (NEST-3) to have a neu-reparative / neuron-protective therapy-approach of patients with acute ischemic stroke.




     A Smart pen for detecting beginning stages of Parkinson .  www.stabilo.com MANUS NEURODYNAMICA LTD UK  WWW.MANUSNEURO.COM    


G ) Inven2 Oslo Science Park, Gaustadalléen 21, 0349 Oslo, Norway ( joint venture on new technology pay for clinical trials ) 

Research and knowledge are the key to addressing global challenges relating to health, climate and the environment. Highly capable researchers and clinicians from all over Norway report ideas and discoveries to us. We develop and manage these ideas, and proceed with the ones that can be transformed into products and services that benefit society.

We have started businesses that develop better cancer therapies, combat antibiotic resistance and identify security breaches in complex IT systems. Two-thirds of our businesses and licenses are in the field of life science, since our ecosystem is especially strong in that field.

Another important task we perform is to administer agreements on clinical trials on behalf of the hospitals in our region. We make active endeavors to get more international companies to carry out their clinical trials in Norway. That way, more innovative treatment can benefit more patients in Norway.

Inven2 is a limited company owned by the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital.

Cosmetic - Dermatology 

A) Medtec MBST  Treatments  is more natural treatment non invasive  enhances cell tissue that dysfunctional and bring back to normal includes Also includes  Eyebrows and Eyelids 

Women hair growth shows a-lot of promise.  The treatment takes a hour and needs to be done seven days continuously  and last four years . Only effective with live cells first 1-3 years.   

The technology works for the same reason as the MRI technology works. The image giving technology is called MRI and we call our technology MRT (T for Therapy). In both technologies the resonance phenomenon is used. Below is  file “Technology active principle” to see what is common and what is different subject the MRI and MRT technology. The patented MBST®- therapy from Germany provides body cells (in humans and animals) with new energy through highly specified treatment devices that aim at the particular damaged tissue. Thereby, cell metabolism is reactivated and regeneration is stimulated. Hence, pain will be significantly reduced on a long term basis and mobility will be regained.  This treatment is proven out successfully with over 280,000 patients within the last 18 years. 

C) LivTec Ingenieurbüro GmbH  MKW    Germany  developed electronic comb in 1991  ( FDA approved )  electronic brush and Power Capp 

The point to make as JNJ reference if one energy source can be effective then other electronic energy sources would need to be effective as well. One example on treating osteoporosis both MRI technology and sound wave  technology had positive results . Also pharma at best could not achieve better then 20 percent effective results for bone growth  but by electronic stimulation 80%  plus with effective results. Enclosed are numerous examples all from Europe mostly small firms with sales under ten million.  Biophysical stimulation is disruptive and even have world’s leading expert Dr. Ed Chao  ( based in California ) resume   (please see: http://conf.ncku.edu.tw/wacbe2011/files/CV_WACBEkeynote_Dr.EdmundY.S.Chao.pdf) who did many FDA approvals and would come out of retirement at age 75   Our bodies own energy can cure itself by electronic stimulation mainly needs the right frequency. Electronic stimulation the science can be compared to  chinese medicine and by software & hardware developed  a finish product.  MBST Treatments which is the lead technology  uses over 10 different variable frequencies. An example  osteoporosis  for bone growth uses only one selected frequency which is program in the chip cards.  All the medical  firms are open to license the technolgy with a letter of intent. Also no upfront fees can be waved in return for clinical studies and certification for FDA.    As JLyons Marketing has spent the last three years in biophysical stimulation space and see great market potential and realize healthcare needs to be disruptive and the technology  needs an outsider.  The US market could save over a trillion a year in healthcare cost  Medical device and pharma cannot wrap themselves  around biophysical stimulation as their bets been place for the next five years on their current programs. JLM is  putting together a team and start this venture. This program could be developed with global rights  and FDA aprrovals for under $50M.

Companies under agreement:



Sportparkstr. 935578 Wetzlar | Germany Online   www.mbst.de  

Technology: Electronic Medicine A rejuvenate damage cells tissue that can be corrected back to normal with right frequency

Markets: Primary area covered arthritis, osteoporosis, orthopedic, dermatology (hair growth & skin rejuvenation) and potential with urology (ED erectile dysfunction), improvement in eye-vision and hearing lost. 

JLM is the exclusive-marketing agent for MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH to license the technology or acquire the company. Electronic medicine, in simple terms the body’s cells react to different frequencies and damage cells can be corrected with thee right frequencies. The right frequency is the electronic medicine which is controlled by chip card that is  programed with right  the “formula.”  The technology works for the same reason as the MRI technology works. The image giving technology is called MRI and we call our technology MRT (T for Therapy). In both technologies the resonance phenomenon is used. Below is file “Technology active principle” to see what is common and what is different subject the MRI and MRT technology.The patented MBST®- therapy from Germany provides body cells (in humans and animals) with new energy through highly specified treatment devices that aim at the particular damaged tissue. Thereby, cell metabolism is reactivated and regeneration is stimulated. Hence, pain will be significantly reduced on a long term basis and mobility will be regained. This treatment is proven out successfully with over 260,000 patients within the last 16 years.

Basic scientific principal MBST-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Therapy (NMR)

Evaluation of the Nuclear-Magnetic-Resonance-Therapy MBST in Respect to its Therapeutic Potentials

Circadian rhythm and Osteoarthritis - As Winner of Nobel Prize in Medicine 2017

The Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institute has today decided to award the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine jointly to Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young for their discoveries of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm. This study was on targeting the cause of  arthritis which won Nobel Prize in 2017


According to the latest scientific discoveries of Dr. Egg from the University in Innsbruck are that MBST corrects misaligned circadian clocks in cells. MBST is the only technology currently available worldwide which causes this correction. Also very important: The MBST-process of the correction of misaligned cells is patent protected!!  MedTec study is for the treatment of the “cause” for  arthritis  with a success rate over 80%.  Also written in two journals - Arthritis Research, UK & - Journal of clinic Investigation

According to a study, described in the,Journal of Clinical Investigation“ (UK) and further scientific publications, a circadian rhythm disruption is a risk factor for joint diseases such as Osteoarthritis.






Arthritis, could the blame be of the "bailed" biological clock?


With years the rhythms regulating the activity of cartilage cells change and favor the degeneration of joints: the possibility of new treatments

Osteoarthritis usually begins to show itself when you are no longer young.According to a study recently published on the Journal of Clinical Investigation , however, the blame could be above all the biological clock that regulates the activity of cartilage cells: with the go of the years it "sballa" and, by modifying cellular equilibrium, contributes wear on the joints.

Organic clock that ages

The data comes from an investigation for which Qing-Jun Meng of Arthritis Research UK analyzed a healthy human cartilage microscope, slightly affected by arthrosis or severe arthrosis; so he evaluated the expression of some proteins related to the circadian rhythms in the tissue. Meng has thus discovered that a critical protein for the biological clock, BMAL1, decreases as the severity of the disease increases; going to evaluate in the mice the chondrocytes, or cartilage cells, verified that aging, BMAL1 protein also decreases up to 40 percent compared to initial values. The correlation between the two data is soon to be said: with the passing of years the circadian rhythms within the cells that have to keep the joint healthy are altered, to the point that slowly develop arthrosis. As Meng explains, “the biological clock inside the chondrocytes regulates thousands of genes that in turn decide the time of day for different cellular functions, maintaining the balance between the cartilage wear that occurs during joint activity and the repair that must take place during rest. If these delicate balances are less likely the risk of arthrosis grows.”

Implications for prevention and therapy

The link between biological clock and osteoarthritis is confirmed by further data obtained by Meng on topolines: the researcher has shown that reverse light / dark cycle, simulating what happens with shift work or in case of extreme ice, disrupts circadian rhythms and above all increases the likelihood of osteoarthritis. "The goal now is to identify drugs that can affect the biological clock to reset it: some researchers are already engaging in this for other pathologies, but arthrosis could be cured or prevented,” says Meng. There are also other approaches that are simpler and handy to try and keep the biological clock as good as possible: eating and doing regular exercise, for example, is a good way to keep up the right pace. All those who suffer from arthritis know that at some times of the day the pains are felt more, our data indicates that there is a biological explanation for this: intervening with symptomatic therapies at the right time could be of great help, once the precise trend of the biological rhythm of the cartilage cells has been identified.”


Micronit micro technologies

BV Enschede, Overijssel The Netherlands

Technology: Innovative micro-fluidic, MEMS, & 3D microstructure capabilities using photo sensitive glass/metal processes not offered by other micro-fabrication

Markets: Pharmaceutical, Biotech, DNA sequencing, Diagnostics, Medical Device OEMs

Micronit Microtechnologies is an elite ISO 9001 certified design, development and volume contract manufacturing partner for companies needing hard substrate based (glass, silicon, photo structural glass, sapphire), high precision microfluidic products. Micronit Micro  is  a world leader in bio-based glass and silicon chip consumables for the gene sequencing and bio-medical industries with production plants in Netherlands.  Micronit offers contract manufacturing of integrated lab on a chip devices / microfluidic components. With over a decade of high volume manufacturing experience Micronit offers the manufacturing of integrated microfluidic devices using a broad range of manufacturing technologies and materials.

The state of the art cleanroom facilities and high quality processes and technologies with forward and backward traceability result in very reliable manufacturing with high quality products as a result. Micronit’s focus is to be a reliable partner for our clients that offers the highest return on investment for their business case. As a manufacturing partner we realize that our success depends on our clients success.

The synergy of Quality (process control, yield analysis, track & trace), Innovation (process and product R&D), and Volume (production facilities, reproducibility, supply chain management) is important to keep fulfilling the challenging needs of our customers. To transfer a product from development to manufacturing is of utmost importance to have a controlled, well documented process with known capabilities. Micronit offers its clients seamless scale up to volume manufacturing which reduces time to market and secures the supply of high quality products.

Cutting edge technologies include: award winning room-temperature, wafer level hermetic bonding systems, hot glass micro-emboss technology, in-house TGV (through glass via) with copper fill capability, large photo structural wet etch processing capability, and Pico and Femto second laser processing stages. It also has one the world’s most accurate five axis mills.  Micronit proven volume production capability has benefited numerous Fortune 500 companies. Its unique technology suite can significantly improve the quality, efficiency and cost points of current micro-fluidic programs and processes.

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IDL Biotech
(PUBL) PO BOX 11151 SE-161  SWEDEN

Diagnostics cancer (bladder) with UBC  Rapid  POS device for instant read (less than 15 minutes) with better sensitivity at significantly lower cost. Urine sample administrated thus a very simple process. Other cancer diagnostic (breast, lung, prostate) are only available as Elisa or Irma.  

  • Cystoscopy is the mainstay for the diagnosis of bladder cancer

  • UBC® Rapid demonstrates high diagnostic sensitivity in particular for CIS(Cancer In Situ) and high-risk bladder cancer patients

  • Benign conditions of the urinary tract must be considered when evaluate data as they may cause false positive reading, as for all urinary based tests.

  • UBC® Rapid is a quick assay and test result will be available at the patient visit

  • Quantitative UBC® Rapid measures a continuous parameter suitable for risk stratification

  • Lyme disease detection see MoncTotal Deck

Countries like Germany in less than two and half years have captured over 50% market share of 500,000 diagnostics reads a year. IDL would like to handoff and provide exclusive global  license / private label rights to medical manufacturer with a sales channel of 50+ countries. 


monototal leaflet

TPS in Breast cancer

tps in ovarian cancer

tps in prostate

ubc rapid for bladder cancer



Bergkirchener Str. 22832549 Bad Oeynhausen  Germany    www.balda.de     

Technology: Custom drug delivery devices

Market: Pharmaceutical & BioTechnology OEMs 

Balda Medical is an OEM for custom drug delivery devices with a special niche relating to pill dispensing. Balda creates custom devices for injectable or oral delivery that provide better compliance, safety and special benefits.     

case study

Randox Laboratories Limited

Northern Ireland (one of world's largest producers of biomarkers)