JLM represents high-tech manufacturers to most vertical markets. JLM helps to grow its clients’ businesses by identifying new markets for current applications, and new applications for current technologies. By drawing on our 25 years of experience and established relationship with corporate leaders who drive innovation and early technology adaptation, we know the programs that require next-generation innovation. We also can identify and develop research and development budgets required to sign a major contract.

JLM company profile

  • JLM as a technology marketing company is a specialist for finding advanced technologies 
  • JLM does business development globally with leading research institutions (over 30) and targets the 20 most innovative countries 
  • JLM has nearly 25 years of experience working with Chief Technology Officers of start-ups and spin-off companies to validate new technology 
  • JLM maintains on-going relationships with more than 150 CTOs to stay abreast of new technology roadmaps
  • JLM commercializes Fortune 500 non-core technology to add revenue, typically starting at $100M 
  • JLM has relationships from both sides — the companies with enabling technology and ones that have the “NEED”

Below are examples of technology expanded to other vertical markets:

  • Raytheon Commercial Ventures Spin -in companies includes System on IC a world’s first 802.11a/802.11b chipset, Telasic Fab-less IC Design — Software Defined Radio chipset,  AlonSurmet a superior “bullet-proof” and “scratch-proof” glass from transparent aluminum,Thin Kom a low cost antenna for wireless communication.  
  • Alcoa commercializes ‘Engineered Wetlands’ wastewater treatment technology. Alcoa has entered into an agreement with Germany-based engineering and construction company, Bauer Resources, to commercialize Alcoa’s Natural Engineered Wastewater Treatment technology that mimics natural wetlands to sustainably treat wastewater. 
  • Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR e. V., German Centre for Aeronautics and Aerospace), have transferred technology used in aeronautics and applied it to medical technology and also other sectors such as the automotive supply industry, consumer electronics and machine and plant construction. (JLM is currently under contract)
  • HP Labs has licensed the technology to Crospon, a medical-device company based in Galway, Ireland, to manufacture and market the device. The micro needle technology could be used with a variety of drugs and biopharmaceuticals. 
  • Delphi Monarch Antenna Inc. — Spin-out commercializes disruptive antenna technology. The focus is on PC and Smart Phones. 
  • Dornier Technologies GmbH  — an aerospace company developed a technology shock wave to remove kidney stones without the need for surgery. 
  • Union Pacific — innovative division spun out Valvoria, a software as a service company focusing on human relations and management solutions, among other things. 
  • Boeing — commercialize networking technology developed by the company’s Military Aircraft and Missile Systems Division in conjunction with NASA
  • Blackstone Solutions  — spun off from parent company internal software for financial markets. Revenues are over $500M.
  • McLaren Group will share its widely acknowledged leading capabilities in engineering, technology, analytics, and strategy modeling which it has developed over many years in its core business of Formula 1 motor sport, to help deliver world class performance across GSK’s global businesses. The licensed arrangement will initially focus on GSK Manufacturing, Research and Development (R&D) and Consumer Healthcare.
  • Hart Graphics — spun out Hart InterCivic, a provider of election and document technologies, primarily to state and local governments. The company has grown to become one of the largest national providers of electronic voting products and services. 
  • Debeer's commercialized Scannex — a low dose full body X -Ray scanner that can produce a high-resolution digital image of the whole body of the person being scanned in a safe and non-invasive manner. 
  • Fortune 500 company commercialized digital coupon technology with an open system for all consumer good companies (JLM is under agreement)

an example of commercialization technology by jlm:


Ecosynthetix develops high-technology, 100% bio-based materials for the pulp and paper market. The company hired JLM to identify a new vertical crop science protection market. Previously, the seed coating market was using a petroleum based product and wanted to test the cost and performance merits of bio-materials, especially for crop seeds. 

JLM identified directors of research and development, innovation, and strategy at various OEMs. From there, JLM was able to raise interest with these contacts in order to have a discussion with Ecosynthetix business development strategists and scientists. Once interested, a company would request sample materials and upon receiving, would signed an NDA. The beta testing of the bio-material usually averaged three to nine months.  

Econsynthetix marketed to a number of OEMs including: Dupont, Bayer Crop Sciences, Dow AgroSciences, Monsanto and Syngenta. The final result created twelve beta test sites. After two and a half years, Econsynthetix realized more than $18 million in sales which continues to grow today.