Home Automation is the latest movement in the Building & Construction industry.  The residential extension of building automation, home automation ties to the upward trend of the Internet of Things (IoT), with Smart Home control systems that can be operated from a mobile device.  Now, once manual aspects of the home – HVAC, lighting, security, garage doors, cable systems, smoke detectors, window shades and even pet feeders – can be executed with a push of a button or a voice command.

JLM's roots in this industry started with Maxell, a company that developed a primary, non rechargeable 20 year lithium battery. The battery provides a reliable power source for AMR (automatic meter reading) and digital cable set-top boxes.

ATi Composites Canada Inc.

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NexSys Insulated Wall System R -30 Rated Wall Panel -Full Automation


The new product is NexSys precast fire rated, insulated wall & floor system and fire rated door all are covered with new patents.

PATENT has been accepted and approved by the USPTO the Patent Number 10,364,185 (Mabey ) This will make five currently issued patents to Mabey, et al.

UL & ULC Listed products: Currently producing components on a limited scale for a proprietary fire rated door , wall & floor panels.


Key Points :

- US & Canada patents on a Fire Resistant, Composite Mineral Foam Technology which can be used in a variety of building products from light weight precast wall assemblies to fire rated door cores.

-Lighter than precast concrete – up to 80% lighter than concrete.

-Fire resistant composite assembly – 2 to 4 hours under ASTM-E119.

-Thermal Efficient wall assembly – combines a 2-Hour Fire Rating with an R-30 insulation in a ready to use panel product.

-Cost effective – lower overall installed cost than CMU’s and extra bat insulation.

-Labour saving: Ready made panels are shipped to site – expedites the process of closing in the structure and moves the related trades schedule ahead by several weeks for large projects, winter conditions and during skilled labour shortages.

-Time savings: Tilt-into-place straight off the delivery truck – weather independent

-Structural Panels: Load bearing walls, engineered LGS Studs embedded to bring connectivity and engineering to the project.

-Quick-setting, free-flowing slurry, self levels to adapt to any shape prior to setting.

-Variable density – solids provide screw-pull resistance, for styles and rails, foam core reduces weight but maintains integrity.

- License technology globally

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3D Software for Real Samples Home Decorating

Introducing Virlette - https://www.virlette.com : one of the first 3D virtual design tools linked to real product samples for interior & exterior materials.

This is an exciting software product from New Zealand, which has been developed to help with the visualization of real product samples by making them editable within a virtual space.

Virlette is available to businesses including retailers (traditional and online), designers, custom builders and property developers, and the home decorating or product supplier market that includes: paint and wallpaper, flooring, rugs, drapery (curtains and blinds), fabric for drapery and upholstery, kitchen surfaces (splashbacks, benchtops and cabinetry), and exterior siding/cladding.

  • Virlette removes the 'blind faith' that customers need to have in their consultants : the customer has less anxiety and more confidence in their choices, as they can visualize their products together in a 'virtual' space prior to ordering them.

  • There is less chance of disappointment if the customer is unhappy with the end result, because they hadn't been able to visualize it. In previous cases with retailers we have spoken to, disappointed customers can mean a significant cost to the retailer to 'put it right'.

  • Customers are more likely to make decisions more quickly, and there is a higher conversion rate for the sale.

  • Customers may be so excited about the experience that they want to do more projects than they initially anticipated.

  • Consultants can 'upsell' additional products like wallpaper, rugs, upholstery fabrics etc - once the customer has seen a product in their virtual room, there is a much higher chance of purchase.

  • Higher referral rate through happier customers using this service.

  • Customers are more likely to take more 'risks' with their decorating choices, as they can visualize the scheme before committing.

  • There may also be a direct saving in physical samples ordered and held by the store.

As a bit of background, the founder is Virginia Fay and she is an Architect – so she knows how hard it is for some people to visualize their space in 3D.

Virlette acts as a valuable sales tool, offering customers a premium service. It aids in the decision making process and hopefully assists in helping customers make bolder choices, having seen the product in3D.

Virlette is all about helping people create amazing spaces!

Virlette's business model is to license or SAAS for access to the software to companies to use on their website, or provide versions that can be used in-store. They provide a number of ‘standard’ 3D rooms, or they can design spaces in liaison with your requirements. They custom build a database of your samples that can then be ‘applied’ to these rooms.

Customers can literally walk around in a rendered, realistic looking 3D space, playing with selecting and swapping various surface options to help them make decisions about their own space. While thestandard experience runs on a fairly basic desktop PC or Mac, full virtual reality versions can be made available with the right hardware. This is ground breaking technology, which is very easy to use. It offersa premium user experience in the space with realistic lighting and textural effects.

Right now, accessibility to this level of 3D virtual tool, linked to a database of real samples is very unique.

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