Twenty-five years ago when J Lyons Marketing started, computer technology as we know it today was just evolving. Today, personal computers, laptops, cellular phone and digital set top boxes are inherent to our daily lives. From the beginning, J Lyons Marketing realised the importance of this industry. We focused our efforts on advance new technology. Batteries & camera sensors ( over $100 Million ) were first major awards. 



3 Garret Mountain Plaza, 3rd Floor, Suite #300, Woodland Park, NJ 07424, US

Technology: Lithium thionyl chloride 20+ year primary battery 

Market: Consumer Electronics, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), Automotive,Medical, IOT, Active RFID, Wearable  

JLM major account Arris-Motorola on their first digital set top box prior was analog design that used a primary lithium thionyl battery with large capacity. In a ten year span, Arris-Motorola require 30 million batteries per year and annual sales reach over $50 million a year. This design win launch JLM  



70 Castiian Drive  Goleta, CA93117USA

Technology: Low cost IR camera chips embedded in a tablet provide “real” diagnostics with third party software  

Market: PC - Tablet OEMs

FLIR is the world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of thermal imaging infrared cameras. FLIR developed an infrared camera for tablets handheld device which provides the capabilities of a $2,000 embedded IR camera for roughly less than $100 per chip set, depending on volume. We are working on a visual video inspection software package that uses intelligent software algorithms that converts colors into real data that any automobile mechanic can read. 


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Suite 343 162-168 Regent Street  London, W1B 5TD United Kingdom

Technology:  Cutting-edge imaging — Assertive Display technology 

Market: OEMs PC / Tablet / Automotive / TV

Apical is market leader in sunlight view ability display technology. Over 400M units in production of smart phones and tablets ship with Apical display technology. The technology allows multimedia to be viewable at the optimal brightness in varying ambient light conditions — enhancing both the user experience and saving power. JLM covers the US PC tablet market and has served the European Auto market since early 2015. 

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M-Flex is an ODM for thin modular strong in smart phones & tablets and recently sold-off the display group. Publicly traded sales over $1Billion. MFLEX is a global leader in flexible circuit assemblies which enables customers to develop thinner, lighter, and smarter products. These assemblies are used to connect other components in various kinds of electronics, such as smartphones, tablets, and ultrabooks. Their business model uses technology representatives who can produce sales of potentially $100M plus.   


Omnivision is a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions. Its award-winning CMOS imaging technology enables superior image quality in many of today's consumer and commercial applications, including mobile phones, notebooks, netbooks and webcams, security and surveillance, entertainment. Sales over $1Billion, digital still and video cameras, automotive and medical imaging systems.


Paris, France  

Technology: Sound enhancement in any product that has a speaker or streaming software  

Market: PC-Tablet, Headphones, Smart Phones, Speakers, Stereo, Wearables

Audio3D is a game changing technology that transforms poor quality audio into ear popping surround sound. By using a digital algorithm, their technology transforms sound through a software solution that works on an operating system or built-in chip.  It can also be layered into a network software platform to enhance sound quality. 

audio 3d OVERVIEW