J Lyons Marketing covers most retail verticals in number of areas which includes increase sales revenue, new products ( typically private label ) and operations efficiency

  • Grocery includes Top Ten Albertsons to Wholefoods 
  • Big Boxes firms include Target, Walmart, Costco
  • Electronics  specialty firms include  Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, Brookstone, Radio Shack 
  • Wireless Telco firms include Apple, ATT, Sprint, T-Mobile,Verizon 
  • Fast-Food & Quick-Service restaurants mostly cover new technology related home delivery 
  • Pharmacy firms, including mini-clinics. Firms include CVS, RiteAid, Walgreens, Walmart  
  • Apparel firms include Foot Locker, Sports Authority, Dicks Sporting Goods, LL Bean 
  • Pets firms include Petsmart, Petco 
  • Home Building – Hardware firms include Ace Hardware, Do-it Best, Home Depot, Lowes 
  • Ophthalmic / Eyewear firms include Luxottica Retailer, Lenscrafters, Safilo, Visionworks of America
  • Automotive Parts & Accessories Stores include Pep Boys, Autozone, Advance Auto Parts, O'Reilly Automotive, Sears, GoodYear Tire & Rubber, Bridgestone Retail, TBC, Meinke, Midas

examples of current clients:


Anton Clemens Automotive GmbH    

 Braunsberg 35  D-51429 Bergisch Gladbach Germany  

Company makes a globally patent automotive  wireless charger with a robotic arm that makes any smart phone a universal fit.   The firm sales around $50M more in automotive LED light products.  Now under LOI with world’s largest smart phone charger manufacturer and their customers  include Apple , LG  Samsung etc A royalty license deal is being set up as both parties receive a mutual benefits thus a strategic fit for each company.  Anton receives immediate market access to licensee major accounts and as an approved vendor . The licensee expertise in mass manufacturing  high volume consumer electronics cannot be overlooked as well. 


The robotic arm fits all existing and the next generation smart phones thus universal. Also has infrared to detect presence of the phone as to firm grab the phone.  This is by far the best auto wireless charger on the market  The phone will stand upright insetted in the air vent  and their patents will be protected globally

Attached to the handle bar through a very simple strap grip and a power-bank will go with cable in the backseat pocket.  


anton-clemens presentation


companies under agreemenT



Salcomp develops and manufactures adapters  for mobile phones and other electronic devices. We are the market leader in smartphone and tablet chargers, and our main customers include the major smartphone and tablet manufacturers. Salcomp also delivers power adapters for notebooks, gateways, routers, set-top-boxes, lighting and other electronic applications. Outside the core adapter offering, Salcomp also develops and manufactures external battery banks and data link cables. The cumulative production volume of 3.1 billion chargers makes Salcomp a pioneer in its industry. The current annual capacity of our production plants is approximately 520 million pieces. Salcomp's headquarters are in Salo (Finland), and the production plants in Shenzhen (China), in Manaus (Brazil) and in Chennai and Noida (India). In addition to these locations, we have offices in the USA, Brazil, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan. 

JLM covered OEMs and top four telco retailers ATT, Sprint, T-Mobile & Verizon and electronic specialty firms.  More details please review customers testimonial under letters.

Salcomp Company Overview


Australia’s first Smart Watch, 3G mobile phone and GPS for kids

MGM Wireless new children’s Smartwatch incorporates a mobile phone, GPS, step counter and SOS alert function 

  • IOT wearable with enhance safety & security a deep understanding by years of experience 
  • AllMyTribe guardian app that allows parents to monitor  a child's location 24/7 
  • Undisputed leader and the most trusted name in school test messaging and student absence management  solutions 
  • Australian publicly listed firm since 2003 over 1.6 parents & students use MGM Wireless on daily bases 

J Lyons Marketing working with telco’s  wireless retail on global bases 

spacetalk presentation


A well-being technology that is used as a diagnostic tool.  The Company's transdermal scanner measures biomarkers, giving users the information they need to take control of their wellbeing. The biozoom scanner detects biomarkers by radiating light into the skin of the user's palm using light emitting diode (LED), and guiding back reflected light to a spectroscopic system developed.for number of applications.  The biozoom antioxidant scanner uses Multiple Spatially Resolved Reflection Spectroscopy (MSRRS) to precisely measure the antioxidant level. The used LED light is safe and absolutely pain free.   


Biozoom monitors your nutrition and tells you whether you have enough vitamins inside your body thus a sales enhancement tool to promote and explain premium products.


The target market is OEM general practitioners,  pharmacy mini-clinics, nutrition vitamins and organ grocery retailers. 



prior companies under agreemenT

Digital Coupon Real Time at Convenience Store

“One-And-Done” Digital Channel Coupon Solution

A Fortune 500 company with years of direct marketing experience has developed a stand-alone hardware device that enables the use of coupons with 2D Barcodes by consumers at retail, regardless of the retailer’s POS equipment and capabilities. Consumers can use a 2D Digital coupon (such as on a Smartphone), or a paper coupon (received via direct mail or print at home) with a unique 2D
Barcode. The hardware device reads the 2D barcode, connects via the Internet to a coupon validation server to ensure the coupon is valid (not expired and is unused). If the system determines that the coupon is valid, the device translates the 2D barcode to a format the retailer can either scan or key into its POS system, thus providing the appropriate coupon discount with the transaction. If the coupon is invalid, the device displays the reason why it was rejected. Once scanned and accepted/paid the unique coupon is canceled and cannot be used again.

In addition to coupon translation, the device can also act as a beacon, wherein providing coupons to consumers within a geographical range of the device, such as through a manufacturer’s or retailer’s App on a smartphone, email or text message.


  • “One-and-done” coupons. 2D barcodes can be set to a single use, thereby eliminating fraud from duplication
  • 2D barcode can contain as much information about the consumer using it as desired (who, time, device, location, etc.)

  • Real-time redemption data = real time reporting and campaign performance = faster decision making

  • No coupon clearing house fees

  • Simple reconciliation with scanned data with retailers for reimbursement

  • Payments directly to retailers eliminates retailer processing time and improves cash flow

  • Digital or paper coupons – no smartphone required by consumers

  • Dynamic coupons – expiration can be set to the minute and targeted usage windows (i.e. lunch time promotions)

  • Digital coupons can be sent to consumers via all digital channels: email, text, mobile site, App, passbook, etc.

  • Redemption data sent directly back to data warehouse of your choice. Or, it can be completely outsourced to a technology provider company.

    The technology is through beta testing and ready to pilot/expand. We are looking for companies interested in leveraging the digital coupon channel…we not looking for capital. ( Fortune 500 company has sales over $25B).

transforming digital promotions



Lyons Industries

Devon, PA

Philadelphia based Cantol Special Chemical firm developed a industrial lens cleaner that repel finger prints & dust.  J Lyons Marketing acquired the rights for retail and OEM market. The retail market went nationally in 10,000 camera stores thru a distributor in San Monica, CA. The OEM largest client was Xerox on private label deal. Xerox study on their high end copiers that service calls could be reduce by 25% due to less the dust build up. The one catch Xerox required cost to be same or cheaper than current vendor. The margins very paper thin. 

Product Description