Medical cycle times are often long and painful, but they realize a significant payday when a new technology emerges. In the United States, medical OEMs strive to develop scientific breakthroughs that first receive 510 Federal Drug Administration clearance in order to market and start a revenue stream. Since this process can take one to two years, JLM concentrates its efforts with European OEMs (with revenue of $50M+) that want to enter the US market. In these cases, we obtain a license agreement with an OEM that has an established global distribution channel and financial resources. In the first stage of creating a new product, we focus on animal healthcare-veterinary markets, which allows the company to build revenue while waiting for 510 FDA clearance. By running the business in parallel with the clearance cycle, the revenue made during the waiting period can be used later to expand the human sector applications once all approvals are in place.

company under agreement:


MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH

Sportparkstr. 935578 Wetzlar | Germany Online  

Technology: Bone & Tissue enhancement treatment. 

Markets: Medical OEMs primary Animal Healthcare, Dermatology, Orthopedics, Osteoporosis, Dental Implants, Internal Medicine & Urology  

JLM is the exclusive-marketing agent for MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH for the US market. The target focus is medical OEMs to license the technology on exclusive bases per selected markets. The goal is to increase revenue from $50M to over $1Billion. 

The technology works for the same reason as the MRI technology works. The image giving technology is called MRI and we call our technology MRT (T for Therapy). In both technologies the resonance phenomenon is used. Below is  file “Technology active principle” to see what is common and what is different subject the MRI and MRT technology.  

The patented MBST®- therapy from Germany provides body cells (in humans and animals) with new energy through highly specified treatment devices that aim at the particular damaged tissue. Thereby, cell metabolism is reactivated and regeneration is stimulated. Hence, pain will be significantly reduced on a long term basis and mobility will be regained.  This treatment is proven out successfully with over 260,000 patients within the last 16 years.


Basic scientific principal MBST-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Therapy (NMR)


OsteOarthritIs Market 

"Digital Therapeutics Market 2014 - 2025" report

Digital therapeutics, known as software-as-a-drug, has undergone significant developments, because of its cost-effectiveness and the potential to influence human behavior - a challenge that is difficult to overcome in healthcare. A shifting technological landscape worldwide has led to significant boost in smartphone ownership and usage rates, which is anticipated to impact the market positively. Other factors expected to influence growth of the market are rising occurrence of chronic diseases, increasing attention on preventive healthcare and an emerging need to control healthcare costs.human behavior - a challenge that is difficult to overcome in healthcare. 



The Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institute has today decided to award the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine jointly to Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young for their discoveries of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm. This study was on targeting the cause of  arthritis which won Nobel Prize in 2017

According to the latest scientific discoveries of Dr. Egg from the University in Innsbruck are that MBST corrects misaligned circadian clocks in cells. MBST is the only technology currently available worldwide which causes this correction. Also very important: The MBST-process of the correction of misaligned cells is patent protected!!  MedTec study is for the treatment of the “cause” for  arthritis  with a success rate over 80%.  Also written in two journals - Arthritis Research, UK & - Journal of clinic Investigation

According to a study, described in the,Journal of Clinical Investigation“ (UK) and further scientific publications, a circadian rhythm disruption is a risk factor for joint diseases such as Osteoarthritis.


Arthritis, could the blame be of the "bailed" biological clock?

With years the rhythms regulating the activity of cartilage cells change and favor the degeneration of joints: the possibility of new treatments

Osteoarthritis usually begins to show itself when you are no longer young.According to a study recently published on the Journal of Clinical Investigation , however, the blame could be above all the biological clock that regulates the activity of cartilage cells: with the go of the years it "sballa" and, by modifying cellular equilibrium, contributes wear on the joints.

Organic clock that ages

The data comes from an investigation for which Qing-Jun Meng of Arthritis Research UK analyzed a healthy human cartilage microscope, slightly affected by arthrosis or severe arthrosis; so he evaluated the expression of some proteins related to the circadian rhythms in the tissue. Meng has thus discovered that a critical protein for the biological clock, BMAL1, decreases as the severity of the disease increases; going to evaluate in the mice the chondrocytes, or cartilage cells, verified that aging, BMAL1 protein also decreases up to 40 percent compared to initial values. The correlation between the two data is soon to be said: with the passing of years the circadian rhythms within the cells that have to keep the joint healthy are altered, to the point that slowly develop arthrosis. As Meng explains, “the biological clock inside the chondrocytes regulates thousands of genes that in turn decide the time of day for different cellular functions, maintaining the balance between the cartilage wear that occurs during joint activity and the repair that must take place during rest. If these delicate balances are less likely the risk of arthrosis grows.”

Implications for prevention and therapy

The link between biological clock and osteoarthritis is confirmed by further data obtained by Meng on topolines: the researcher has shown that reverse light / dark cycle, simulating what happens with shift work or in case of extreme ice, disrupts circadian rhythms and above all increases the likelihood of osteoarthritis. "The goal now is to identify drugs that can affect the biological clock to reset it: some researchers are already engaging in this for other pathologies, but arthrosis could be cured or prevented,” says Meng. There are also other approaches that are simpler and handy to try and keep the biological clock as good as possible: eating and doing regular exercise, for example, is a good way to keep up the right pace. All those who suffer from arthritis know that at some times of the day the pains are felt more, our data indicates that there is a biological explanation for this: intervening with symptomatic therapies at the right time could be of great help, once the precise trend of the biological rhythm of the cartilage cells has been identified.

Zebra fishes are well known for research in behalf of the circadian clock. 2017 the nobel prize had been awarded for such research. If the clock gene in the cells of this fish "switches on the metabolism" normally at e.g. 09.00 h in the morning the time is set to 15.00 h if MBST has been done for an hour starting at 15.00h for 4 days. And this changed time stays on for many days. The research proved that MBST is really effecting the cell metabolism!

Selected Publication:

Publication type: Journal Article
Document type: Full Paper

Year: 2017

Author(s): Mucha, M; Virac, I; Lang, C; Wittek, K; Tichy, A; Bockstahler, B

Title: Treatment of the clinical symptoms caused by osteoarthritis using nuclear magnetic resonance (MBST (R)) in dogs - a randomized trial

Other title: Behandlung der durch Osteoarthrose bedingten klinischen Symptome mittels Kernspinresonanztherapie (MBST®) beim Hund – eine randomisierte Studie

Source: Wien Tierarztl Monat. 2017; 104(3-4): 109-115.  

Authors Vetmeduni Vienna:

Bockstahler Barbara,
Mucha Marion,
Tichy Alexander,
Wittek Kathleen,

Vetmed Research Units

Clinical Unit of Small Animal Surgery,

Platform Bioinformatics and Biostatistics,


Canine osteoarthritis (OA) is frequently encountered in dogs. Various methods are available to treat the associated pain, stiffness and lameness. A recently developed method involves the use of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), in which a permanent magnetic field is combined with an interfering field. A double-blinded randomized trial was performed to evaluate whether nuclear magnetic resonance treatment (MBST) improved the clinical signs of dogs suffering from osteoarthritis directly and three and six months after treatment. Fifteen dogs received NMR treatment (TG) and 15 received a placebo (PG) over a period of nine days. Symmetry indices of peak vertical force and vertical impulse, lameness and pain score, drop-out, additional pain medication and physical therapy during the course of the study were recorded. An individual score was calculated for each dog to evaluate the overall effectiveness of treatment (OTE) at the three time points. The TG showed significantly improved symmetry indices for vertical impulse and lameness scores at three months after treatment. The findings suggest that NMR had positive effects on the clinical signs of OA in dogs at three months after therapy.

A great clinical study explaining the effects but in German:



Causal and Pain-Free: Cell Regeneration Made in Germany as a Treatment Innovation for Veterinary Medicine

After 16 years of experience in magnetic resonance treatment (MRT) technology in human medicine, the patented MBST®-MagneticResonanceTreatment has now been extended to veterinary medicine. MBST®-Veterinary, as the product is named, is a conservative therapy which is based on MRI technology – the currently best and most precise method of diagnostic analysis. With a unique success rate of more than 80% in over 260,000 patients in human medicine and international study results that are unmatched, the new MBST®-Veterinary can also help in numerous orthopedic indications in horses and companion dogs. 

It is a non-invasive method that produces causal regeneration of osteoarthritis, metabolic diseases of bones, sports and accident injuries. With the unique and globally patented high-tech therapy, the regeneration ability of cells is reactivated. Body cells need a certain level of energy to be able to perform cell metabolism and cell division. Damaged cells don’t have enough energy. The patented MBST®-Veterinary therapy from Germany provides these cells with new energy through highly specified treatment devices that aim at the particular damaged tissue. Thereby, cell metabolism is reactivated and regeneration is stimulated. Hence, pain will be significantly reduced on a long term basis and mobility will be regained. More than 100 international expert publications, of which most are scientific studies, prove the effectiveness of the treatment. All new scientific results are implemented promptly into the treatment software.

Regeneration for Cartilage and Bone Damage in Veterinary Medicine

Movement is essential for horses, whether racehorse, dressage horse or breeding stallion.  Causal therapies that relieve pain non-invasively and long-term, and medicate the cause of the disease effectively are now available thanks to MBST®-Veterinary. MBST® can treat osteoarthritis, injuries of bones, tendons or ligaments and other diseases in horses without a long convalescent period.






Dr. Moro essay on vet program

Evaluation of the Nuclear-Magnetic-Resonance-Therapy MBST in Respect to its Therapeutic Potentials



A “Cure” for Male Pattern Baldness

We have the study from Dr. Eckart Voss and he says in his study that the hair density improvements are significant. There was no test person with complete baldness except 1 test person had almost baldness, as there were just 12 hairs before the treatment and 30 hairs 16 weeks after treatment.   Area: 1 square centimeter.

US OEM Letter of interest

Cynosure’s Key Option Leader Dr. Christine Dierickx

Proposed Protocol to Study Hair Growth and Skin Rejuvenation with MedTec Magnetic Resonance

Abschlussbericht “Stimulation Haarwachstum mit Kernspin”

Haarstudie Medtec — Auswertung Kopfhaar- und Wimpernwachstum


Veröffentlichung Haarstudie

osteoporosis market

First Clinical Study to Increase bone density: Participants: 103 The bone density was measured with a DEXA device from Hologic prior to the treatment and again one year after the completion of the treatment. Result: the bone density increased significantly p-value: < 0,001.  Please read the “Discussion” of the study of Prof. Krpan and recommend read the section “Results.” There you will find the increase in bone density of up to 10% as well as 90% of the entire group showed a significant increase (p < 0,001) of Osteocalcin which is the most important marker in the blood which shows that bone is being built up.

Prof Krpan (MedTec ’s KOL) who averages over 100+ patients a year  at his clinic for the past 13 years treating osteoporosis by MBST Treatments. He has published a golden standard, double blind, placebo controlled  study. His  success rate for treating  osteoporosis for a “cure” is  better than 80 percent . A patient after six months of treatment validates the improvement by doing a bone scan which was done prior to the treatments. The results are black and white which shows a patient bone density improvement. (Krpan's CV)


treatment of osteoporosis with magnetic resonance therapy

krpan case study

Quality of life questionnaire

MBST Information sheet

MBST Osteoporosis study design

MBST for lower back pain

Orthopedics market

Diseases of the large and small joints of limb, spine and intervertebral discs

  • All types of joints, large or small knees, hips, feet, elbow etc
  • Damage to the intervertebral discs not obligatory to surgery
  • Sport- and accidental injuries, degenerative diseases of tendons and connective tissue 
  • After injuries with cartilage damage
  • After operative cartilage cell transplantation as well as after smoothing of the cartilage surface
  • Post Surgery for implants typically can speed recovery for knees by three months with average of four MBST treatments 
  • Best alternative treatment if select not to have artificial implant surgery for knees or hips  
  • Injury recovery time world's fastest 

MedTec Medizintechnik Orthopedics Overview


Study information

top 100 awards

MBST sport and accident injuries

video > MBST treatment for pro soccer player

survey of patients with degenerative rheumatic diseases treated with therapeutic nuclear magnetic resonance

video > Osteoarthritis of a normal person with knee problems

US oem letter of interest is pending


  • Indications in the Dental Region
  • Support By Regeneration of the Jawbone
  • Rebuilding of the Jaw Bone
  • Loosening of the Teeth

MedTec is planning to develop a dental device based on the new ArthroSpinLift (ASL) – see right. The ASL will be available in Q4/2017 so realistically the dental device will be launched in Q1/2018. All devices will be available for the international markets as well with a maximum delay of 3 months.

medical publications


companies under agreement continue:


DUALIS Med Tech GmbH

In collaboration with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) Am Technologiepark 8+1082229 Seefeld, Germany

Technology: Wireless transfer energy to recharge implantable devices 

Markets: Implantable devices OEMS

DUALIS wireless technology uses the principle of inductive coupling which makes it possible to wirelessly transfer energy to a wide variety of electronic devices. This makes the transfer of energy incredibly efficient and reliable, and does not require direct user interface with the energy source. The modular construction makes it possible to adapt and integrate the technology for a wide range of uses. In addition to the supply of energy, DUALIS offers the possibility of parallel data transfer. To do this, various safe RF communication technologies are used, depending on the intended purpose.


JLM client Dualis brings in ReliantHeart

Dualis MedTech and ReliantHeart Partner on Fully Implantable TET System for the HeartAssist5® LVAD

ReliantHeart, Inc., an innovative supplier of advanced mechanical circulatory assist technologies, and Dualis MedTech GmbH, a provider of wireless energy and charging technology, have joined together to implement a wireless, Transcutaneous Energy Transfer system (TET) exclusively for the HeartAssist5® Ventricular Assist Device.

Dualis has agreed to integrate its wireless energy transfer technology MedBase® with the HeartAssist5® VAD.  ReliantHeart’s novel HeartAssist5® (HA5) is the most energy efficient LVAD available.

In its new configuration, the HA5 will draw less than half of the energy of any other full flow LVAD. ReliantHeart refers to this energy efficient pump as being Forward Compatible with future product introduction, including the wireless Transcutaneous Energy Transfer system (TET).

Dualis is an integral part of a Forward Compatibility team formed by ReliantHeart to cooperate on an assembly of technologies intended to reduce adverse events associated with LVADs. The team includes several other companies: Lynium, Kollmorgen, Device Solutions, Transonic, Revel Engineering, Numerex, Cathtek, and Yarborough Electronics.

Several months of collaboration culminated in Houston last month, where engineers and product managers from these companies shared a behind-the-scenes tour of the Johnson Space Center, an appropriate setting for both Dualis and ReliantHeart whose roots stem from the aerospace industry.   Dualis was formed from the German Centre for Aeronautics and Aerospace, and now implements its technologies for the medical device industry. ReliantHeart’s ventricular pump was developed with NASA technology and was awarded the NASA Invention of the Year.

According to ReliantHeart CEO Rodger Ford; “Dualis is heads and shoulders above most similar teams of its kind. Our partnership is more than just collaboration, it is a crusade to reduce adverse events in the LVAD field. Our mission is to compress time and accelerate beneficial outcomes.  Artificial heart pumps need power but running wires through the skin leads to infection and patient discomfort. The solution is to invent a device to transfer power without wires.”

Dualis MedBase® technology will provide this solution by using magnetic coils to transfer power from outside to inside the body with no wires that penetrate the body. It sounds like science fiction, and yet will be available in 2016. Patients with a ReliantHeart HA5 will be able to upgrade to the wireless system without exchanging the pump, thereby eliminating driveline infection. “Patients will be able to enjoy the physical and social activities that are limitless without a wire,” Ford said.

Dualis MedTech GmbH started research and development of the MedBase® technology in 2006 and has since gained a substantial lead in wireless power technology, and conducted successful animal trials. Stephan Sagolla, CEO of Dualis indicated, “The internal coil is about two inches in diameter and will communicate with an internal battery and power management much like a pacemaker system. The patient will be wireless.”

ReliantHeart, Inc. is an innovative supplier of advanced mechanical circulatory assist technologies that are changing the approach to the treatment of advanced heart failure.  It develops and manufactures the HeartAssist5® Ventricular Assist Device.  ReliantHeart’s roots are in Houston, Texas, where it has been generously influenced by the transplant centers of Texas Heart, Methodist DeBakey and Memorial Hermann, and its technology originally inspired by NASA, the Johnson Space Center and Baylor School of Medicine.

Dualis MedTech GmbH is an innovative development service provider which supports its customers from the idea stage right through to the certification of tailor-made systems and products. As a spin-off of the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR e. V., German Centre for Aeronautics and Aerospace), the company has transferred technology used in aeronautics and applied it to medical technology and also provide services to other sectors such as the automotive supply industry, consumer electronics and machine and plant construction.

Dualis offers manufacturers of medical devices and active implants a fully comprehensive service package for the production, integration and adjustment of MedBase® to their proprietary products. Dualis complies with the extremely demanding regulatory requirements for medical devices.


STABILO International GmbH Head office Schwanweg 1 - 90562 Heroldsberg Germany

Stabilo Digipen As Diagnostic Tool To Assessment Hand Surgery Feedback Instantly , Also Early Detection of Dementia  ( Digital pen is better dementia-prediction tool than a doctor stated MIT News ).

product description

A new study for hand injuries for detection of improvement simply use by patients at  pre and post surgery.  What Stabilo provides is an objective measurement to detect weaknesses in hand motion and track progress during therapy. We also provide a software which guides the therapist through a standardized test and automatically compiles a report. Digipen was first developed for the educational and therapeutical markets. Today we use it for the measurement of handwriting skills. An occupational therapy application would need no special development and can be implemented out of the box. Our current handwriting application for occupational therapists is written on Xamarin which allows it to be run on iOS, Android or Windows. An Android toolkit is available for easy integration into Android apps. An iOS toolkit is under development.

The Digipen is not meant for pointing at a screen, but for writing on paper. We want on purpose to do away with special paper or special tablet surfaces which can locate the pen tip. Instead, we measure relative position data (relative to the position before, that is) as opposed to the absolute position data of Anoto pens or digitizer tablets. We expect that a typical application of our pen would be as an ergonomic mouse with proportional input. While a mouse is on/off only when you click a button, we can transmit proportional data via pen pressure. The motion sensors pick up the movement, and the tilt or rotation angles of the pen allow to convey further information. This makes our pen suitable as a low-cost replacement for a graphical tablet, without the bulky tablet.

 The STABILO Digipen has these characteristics:

• Writes on paper with a minimum writing length of 1200 m. 

• Transmits acceleration, rotation, attitude and tip motion data during use when connected to a compatible wireless device. 

• Storage of acceleration, rotation, attitude and tip motion data internally for at least 25 minutes when the connection is lost. 

• A high data rate wired connection to enable the download of stored data and the update of the internal firmware. 

• A rechargeable, internal power source which keeps it powered for at least 20 hours. 

We like to discuss Digipen writing motion assessment technology as a first starting point. For a video conference, point your browser at

Treating people with hand injuries in general, the pen should easily be able to measure restrictions in the movement of finger joints, especially those of the thumb and the index finger. .Stabilo develops a diagnostic device as a “ tool “  for doctors  patients as provide real feedback from surgery.   Second area is clinical test  demonstrates how people perform when it comes to verbal understanding, memory, and spatial knowledge, and is used to detect Parkinson's and Alzheimer’s.  

The target market orthopedic lower extremity (hand surgeons), neurologist , general pratitioners and arthritis- pharma as clinical trial diagnostic tool.

company overview


Biozoom Services GmbH Wilhelmshöher Allee 273A D-34131 Kassel Germany

Biozoom is a developer of handheld diagnostic spectrometry systems, which analyzes biomarkers in skin that are decisive for control and improvement of a healthy lifestyle.  


A well-being technology that is used as a diagnostic tool.  The Company's transdermal scanner measures biomarkers, giving users the information they need to take control of their wellbeing. The biozoom scanner detects biomarkers by radiating light into the skin of the user's palm using light emitting diode (LED), and guiding back reflected light to a spectroscopic system developed.for number of applications.  The biozoom antioxidant scanner uses Multiple Spatially Resolved Reflection Spectroscopy (MSRRS) to precisely measure the antioxidant level. The used LED light is safe and absolutely pain free.   

Biozoom monitors your nutrition and tells you whether you have enough vitamins inside your body thus a sales enhancement tool to promote and explain premium products.<>

The target market is OEM general practitioners,  pharmacy mini-clinics, nutrition vitamins and organ grocery retailers. 

vitality check pdf

advantages of using biozoom


Likvor AB Tvistevägen 47a SE-90729UMEÅ, Sweden

Likvor (Medtech) Unique tools for assessing cerebrospinal fluid dynamics  Why?  Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) is a treatable syndrome caused by disturbances in the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The symptoms are often misdiagnosed and mistreated as one of the dementia related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 

How? Likvor’s CELDA® Instrument provides a solution to the pressing need for accurate differential diagnosis of aging related and other CSF dynamics related neurological conditions. 

General  Overview 


Helpful info at YouTube: Here is a link to “The Untold Story” at 60-Minutes:  ( This is Codman shunt used by the patient )

A video from year 2013: “Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus: NPH From Diagnosis To Treatment” (Explains also the procedure from the neurologist to the neurosurgeon. Right in between – you would find Likvor CELDA® System! And you do not need to perform the tap test as it is included in the CELDA® as well)

Likvor CELDA® System works extremely well both preoperatively when diagnosing the NPH patient and postoperatively when optimizing the shunt settings and/or testing the shunt functionality.

Likvor AB is present in five countries in Europe and like to hand off the technology (license) to medical OEM DBS


celda system

white paper preoperative investigation

white paper shunt test

guidance to read pulsatility curve results

likvor brochure

celda system presentation

value proposition


IDL Biotech
(PUBL) PO BOX 11151 SE-161  SWEDEN

Diagnostics cancer (bladder) with UBC  Rapid  POS device for instant read (less than 15 minutes) with better sensitivity at significantly lower cost. Urine sample administrated thus a very simple process. Other cancer diagnostic (breast, lung, prostate) are only available as Elisa or Irma.  

  • Cystoscopy is the mainstay for the diagnosis of bladder cancer
  • UBC® Rapid demonstrates high diagnostic sensitivity in particular for CIS(Cancer In Situ) and  high-risk bladder cancer patients 
  • Benign conditions of the urinary tract must be considered when evaluate data as they may cause false positive reading, as for all urinary based tests.
  • UBC® Rapid is a quick assay and test result will be available at the patient visit
  • Quantitative UBC® Rapid measures a continuous parameter – suitable for risk stratification
  • Lyme disease detection see MoncTotal  Deck 

Countries like Germany in less than two and half years have captured over 50% market share of 500,000 diagnostics reads a year. IDL would like to handoff and provide exclusive global  license / private label rights to medical manufacturer with a sales channel of 50+ countries. 


monototal leaflet

TPS in Breast cancer

tps in ovarian cancer

tps in prostate

ubc rapid for bladder cancer