In terms of new technology acceptance, Licensing is the most preferred business model in that its acceptance and approval is often “fast tracked” with all parties — especially supply chain management as a new vendor. Completing the approval cycle is a daunting task, especially when it requires cross-functional acceptance from organisations such as: engineering, user experience, marketing and innovation strategy. Once the technology is approved, the next hurdle is vendor approval, as manufacturing presents different complications. The simplest and quickest path to production is license arrangement. JLM's focus for licensing technology is primary European companies with revenue averaging over $25M+, startups , major research institutions and even their own companies ( Sparatech ).

The movie “Blink of An Eye”   

Ford Motor Company want to license  the intermittent windshield wiper but the inventor wanted to manufacturer the product . The point to make new technology approved is hard enough but license deal can move the process  much  faster.  The second battle is vendor approval and which requires an audit financial and manufacturing. The Fortune 500 have their supply chain approved vendors   Ford stated on most cases DOD  ( dead on arrival ) for a new start up to be approved as a supplier in  the movie  Blink of Eye .

Windshield wipers inspire Hollywood movie

For two decades, Robert Kearns waged an obsessive crusade against the auto industry, which he accused of stealing his invention. It destroyed his marriage, brought on a mental breakdown and may have cost him millions.

All because of a dispute over a humble piece of equipment: the intermittent windshield wiper.

Not exactly the stuff of Hollywood drama, you say? Veteran film producer Marc Abraham would beg to differ. He found Kearns’ story so captivating that instead of hiring a director to bring it to the screen, he did the job himself.

“There was something about this story that I felt so personally committed to,” said Abraham, who makes his directorial debut with “Flash of Genius,” starring Greg Kinnear as Kearns. The movie, distributed by Universal Pictures, was shown during the recent Traverse City Film Festival and opens in theaters Oct. 17.

“I’ve always had a lot of respect for average working people,” said Abraham, a Kentucky native who drove a beer truck, waited tables and sold baby pictures door-to-door while trying to break into show business. “Bob wasn’t an ordinary man; he was probably a genius. But as a person, his lifestyle, his family scale, he was just an average guy. So I felt like I understood that.”

Kearns died of cancer in 2005 at age 77, four decades after perfecting the intermittent wiper design in his basement workroom. The one-time engineering instructor at Wayne State University in Detroit received numerous patents for his mechanism.

Inspiration in the blink of an eyeThe idea came to him from the irregular blinking of his left eye, which eventually went blind after being struck by a champagne cork on his wedding night.

Kearns took his gadget to Ford Motor Co., which initially showed interest; its engineers had been trying to develop a similar system. But he never reached a licensing agreement with Ford or other automakers, partly because he insisted on forming his own company to manufacture the wipers.

Ford began turning out cars with intermittent wipers in 1969, and competitors soon did likewise. Kearns sued Ford in 1978, claiming patent infringement, and took on Chrysler Corp. four years later.

He ultimately filed lawsuits against 26 companies, including General Motors Corp. Most were tossed out of court, although he won judgments against Ford and Chrysler that ultimately brought him more than $30 million.

companies under agreement with jlm:


Anton Clemens Automotive GmbH    

 Braunsberg 35  D-51429 Bergisch Gladbach Germany  

Company makes a globally patent automotive  wireless charger with a robotic arm that makes any smart phone a universal fit.   The firm sales around $50M more in automotive LED light products.  Now under LOI with world’s largest smart phone charger manufacturer and their customers  include Apple , LG  Samsung etc A royalty license deal is being set up as both parties receive a mutual benefits thus a strategic fit for each company.  Anton receives immediate market access to licensee major accounts and as an approved vendor . The licensee expertise in mass manufacturing  high volume consumer electronics cannot be overlooked as well. 



License agreement Anton Clemens & Bracketron

Based on US Patent being cleared by US Patent office more details under Automotive Section

Georgia Pacific

Sample Evaluation Agreement With ATi Composites Canada Inc.

The new product is NexSys precast fire rated, insulated wall & floor system and fire rated door all are covered with new patents.

PATENT has been accepted and approved by the USPTO the Patent Number 10,364,185 (Mabey ) This will make five currently issued patents to Mabey, et al.

UL & ULC Listed products: Currently producing components on a limited scale for a proprietary fire rated door , wall & floor panels. More details under Markets -Building & Home Automation

ATi Composites Agreement

Sparatech  LLC  

St Davids, PA

 John Lyons Co-founder thus marketing his own products! It is estimates revenue could do over a billion on thermal electric microfluidic  device that captures heat energy and converts to electric power.  

The heat absorption panel is simply replaced with the Sparatech panel.

As for the temperature differential, our system operates with as low as 10 degrees C but operates with increasing efficiency at temperatures as high as 600 degrees C. It can be implemented on all servers; however, it is unlikely that all server cooling systems will be converted until the capital investments are scheduled. New installations are a natural for immediate implementation. The systems similar to the Sparatech figure are an easy, cost effective retrofit. 

The benefit to the server farm operator are immense. Our system generates DC electrical power. This power can be used to drive coolant pumps or fans, etc. Excess energy can be used for power storage in a battery backup mode. This system eliminates entire refrigerant systems and large liquid pumps/air heat exchangers. This fact virtually makes the cooling system more affordable by reducing capital installation equipment and space costs. 


SoftOx Solutions

Olso, Norway

SoftOx Solutions AS is a Norwegian MedTech company listed on Oslo Stock Exchange – Mercur Market – with HQ in Oslo and with a subsidiary in Copenhagen. SoftOx is developing solutions for wound treatment, partly to prevent infections, partly to fight hard- to-heal wounds / chronic wounds where biofilm is present and part of the problem.In cooperation with leading specialist on biofilm,

SoftOx has developed a technology that enables us to produce a stable and effective solution by combining known antimicrobial substances in a way no one has done before.

The first firm to stabilise Hyochlorous Acid plus add Acetic Acid providing a unique synergy which provides broad- spectrum towards bacteria , moulds viruses and spores. Soft-OX are engage with wound care firms with a base NOT hyochlorous acid as Soft-Ox is just review as competition.

As the severity of antibiotic resistance gradually is acknowledged, SoftOx sees a huge a market potential for our products. Our products are protected by a large patent family. SoftOx products are intended for humans as well as for animals.

Global license rights in wound care first market is animal health as FDA pending on the human side. More details under markets , medical

Decon-X International AS

Vollsveien 13C, 1366 Lysaker,Norway

A state of the art disinfectant machine based on a license arrangement. Decon-X are focusing on chemistries firms with a hydrogen peroxide base formulation and have strong customer based in number of vertical markets on example is animal healthcare. The intelligent system will control the solution usage and provide higher efficiency. Annual cost will be less and much better control.Decon-X system can be added to your product line as automate system no manual labor required. More details under markets , medical


MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH  

Sportparkstr. 935578 Wetzlar | Germany  

Biophysical Stimulation  -Digital Therapeutics …The Next Trillion Dollar Market By Disrupting Healthcare

The medical device is full body basically a chair- bed platform that incorporates MRI technology.  MedTec had 5- 7  different machine and can developed one machine that will cover 10 + areas . Each illness has specific program ( a selected frequency )  but all use the same medical device. Every machine has a control box which selects the frequency , pricing etc .  Apple respond prior was  to make one product for a target market and be the best. This is dysfunctional cell tissue and bring back to normal  "across the board “  meaning effective for entire body from head to toe.  Today MBST is proven out in arthritis , orthopedic and osteoporosis but done clinical studies in dermatology for hair growth and skin rejuvenation clinical study was limited but enough sign a LOI with Cynosure now merge with Hologic. A liver clinical  study for cell tissue was impressive  and also moving forward. Other partners which developed  electronic stimulation technology  can incorporate with MedTec. 


Medical devices  firms are design as stand alone and incorporate in MedTec universal medical device. Thus low risk for both parties .  MedTec can include 10 verticals which includes  arthritis , orthopedic , osteroporsosis , dermatology ( hair growth ),liver, urology - erectile dysfunction , neurosciences  ( depression ), diabetes two, audiology ( regain hearing lost ) and  ) ophthalmology  ( improve eye sight ) . Most are CE mark and a few are FDA approved.


  1. Time line

    1. Updated full body for MBST treatments available ( used today for osteroporsosis )

  2. Latest information

    1. New images how the device looks like:

      1. Full bed which looks like a Tornado seat

      2. For positioning the patient, the bed is vertically aligned with 25° nod

      3. Then patient will be moved to horizontal position

      4. 2 applicators are positioned around head and shoulder area

      5. Another 2 applicators are positioned around leg and foot area

      6. The applicators are slidable to one big, full body treatment area without black (treatment) hole

    2. The device has 12 major indications to be treated, organs ( liver ) and soft parts most known indications osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, muscles, ligaments, tendons , neuron- science (depression ) and dermatology ( hair growth & skin rejuvenation )

    3. Device production takes 5 days or less ( ballpark )

    4. MedTec is licensing the technology per vertical market and a universal and preference is one firm for global exclusive rights for universal medical device . Sub license to partners for selected vertical market . As example dermatology joint venture with a firm like L’Oreal .

  3. Next steps

    1. Meeting with potential Fortune 500 firms to receive a Letter of Intent for 7 +

    2. Dermatology is strong review with market leader and arthritis for pet healthcare

    3. Venture Capital for Health Clinics using MedTec MBSt treatments firms like Amazon Health Ventures


Most of the technolgy is developed out of Germany which is world leader regeneration medicine / digital therapeutics  Most of  the electronic stimulation companies that  Medtec does have the expertise will  be under agreement with J Lyons Marketing This means working with MedTec would be strategic fit for all parties.   MBST Treatments has 20 different variable frequencies. An example  osteroporsosis  for bone growth uses only one selected frequency which is program in the chip cards.  A medical that cures arthritis and an alternative treatment that having knees or hip implants , an 80 % + effective for osteoporosis versus pharma today is at best 20%  just these three areas is over $100 billion a year . If you can perfect liver cell growth , diabetes two , Nuero science - depression, dermatology  ( hair growth ),  audiology ( correct cilia for hearing lost ) then upwards to half trillion

- - - - - 

Technology: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Therapy (Enhance Bone Growth)

Market Medical: Primary MRI OEMs 

After 15 years of experience in Magnetic Resonance Treatment (MRT) technology in human medicine, Medtec’s patented MBST®-Magnetic Resonance Treatment has been extended to veterinary medicine. MBST®-Veterinary is a conservative therapy based on MRI technology: currently the best and most precise method of diagnostic analysis. With a significant success rate of more than 80% in more than 185,000 patients in human medicine and unmatched international study results, the new MBST®-Veterinary also helps in numerous orthopedic indications in horses.


company brochure

jlyons marketing piece

More company details under Medical

Phantom Inteligence

Quebec, Canada brings LiDAR from the analog to the digital age with a signal processing technology which increases ranges by a factor of 3x (longer distance) and provides a 5x faster refresh rate. This means more precise distance and speed estimation, and the lowest false positive reads on the marketplace. Now recognized by the automotive industry as a leader in the field, Phantom Intelligence is actively looking for new applications of its technology.30 + NDA’s  sign for new markets  outside automtive.  Excepted 8-10 license agreements ( software based is a natural ).

platform flyer


Next Wave Ltd

Brännbackantie 8 FIN-10120 Tähtelä  Finland     

Physioacoustic therapy affects all body functions, mainly the control center in the brains, the thalamus, but also on other nerve tissue, muscle and connective tissue and the blood and lymph circulation. The technology has been incorporated into a special reclining therapy chair and into a luxurious wellnessbed. Here are six audio speakers placed connected to a special software program. The speakers produce audible and sensible sound vibrations that will influence the body at cellular level.

Physioacoustic therapy is based on the natural frequency of every human cell. When playing the correct frequency a specific group of cells will vibrate unconstrained. In physics this is called resonance. The natural frequencies of numerous groups of body cells are stored  in the computer software. Different frequencies in a range of 27 till 113 Hertz, are combined to achieve the optimum resonance. The unique ability to control the direction of the sound – from bottom to top, and vice versa – will stimulate the blood and lymph circulation. Changing the strength (pulsation) of the sound vibrations will prevent overstimulation.

Physioacoustic therapy works through clothing, bandage, medical support modifications or plaster cast.

Physiocoustic therapy is also called: Physio Acoustic,  PAS, PA or Sound Wave therapy.

Physioacoustic Therapy equipments has been sold over 2000 units around the
WorldWhen launched in Scandinavia several years ago, Next Wave® quickly became
a leader in the Complementary and Alternative device marketplace, providing full body
sound stimulation treatment for patients of medical professionals, senior living facilities,
autism treatment centers,hospitals, drug rehabilitation facilities, and sports medicine.

The device has been used in other parts of the world to safely and successfully treat a wide range of
conditions, including the following:
 Parkinson’s disease
 Autism
 Fibromyalgia
 Lupus
 Diminished libido
 Allergies
 Asthma
 Digestive disorders
 Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
 Arthritis
 Chronic fatigue
 Sleep disorders
 Infertility
 Diabetes
 Chronic pain
 Depression
 Alzheimer’s
 Weight management
 Skin disorders
 Migraines
 Ulcerative colitis
 Muscular dystrophy
 Sciatica
 Multiple sclerosis (MS)
And dementia and ALS

The FDA clearing for Parkinson's, dementia, osteoporosis and Alzheimer's would be easier because Next Wave  have some studies which show that the PA method is very effective for these symptoms above.

Next Wave FDA Approved

Effects of a low-frequency sound wave therapy program on functional capacity, blood circulation, and  bone metabolism in frail old men and women.

Study of sound wave method

next wave presentation

Health Wellness Blog - Tanya Foster 

Clinical Study for use in Hospital bed 

Clinical Study Effecs of Physio Acoustic Chair


Neuroscience Area:


Effectiveness Of PhysioAcoustic Sound ( PAS ) Theraphy For Dementia

The Effects Of Physioacoustics On Skin Temperature

Short-Term Effects of Vibration therapy On Motor Impairments In Parkinson’s Disease

IDL BioTech AB ( Sweden )  JLM is under agreement and one major Fortune 500 firm with LOI related  bladder cancer POC product . IDL can detect bladder cancer at the doctor’s office ( urology ) within 10 minutes . No need to send samples to lab, more profit for the doctors and better patient experience.   We should sign license agreement by this December.   

Imint Image Intelligence

AB Kungsängsgatan 12, SE-75322 Uppsala, Sweden


Imint is looking at extending the reach of its video stabilization & live object tracker  technology to new application sectors.  Camera OEM ’s,  Semi’s ( especially image sensors ) security & surveilance , drones.

Now under 10+ NDA and looking to license at least 3 Fortune 500 firms .  

imint new market

Silent Sensors Limited


registered in England, Co Reg No: 08266547. 

VAT no. GB 174 2669 85
28 Old Brompton Road, London, SW7 3SS, UK

Measure & monitoring  ( pressure,temperature,stress, alignment etc ) technology has been applied to tires and now adaptable for a number vertical markets . The driver is low cost  by embedded sensor into product  material  ( polymers -  elastomers ) during the manufacturing process and incorporated low cost power by energy harvest ( movement & vibration ).  three programs under agreement in four months .  

silent sensor overview

bragi silent sensor


Bragi München, Germany  Darko Dragicevic   +49 (0) 157 73 55 85 81 E   AI for IOT  technology  sign up 10 NDA ’s in 4 months  excepted 6 + beta sit  Five license deal in five verticals markets . Bragi covers two areas one is hearable  that  covers virtual sound that cancels out noise .  Second is AI platform ...  A  link to a linkedin post with a very  promising  nanoAI video

bragi nano

Prior Companies Under Agreement


Audio 3D

Paris, France  

Technology: Enhance sound in any product that has a speaker or streaming software 

Market: PC-Tablet, Headphones, Smart Phones, Speakers, Stereo, Wearables

Audio 3D developed a digital algorithm that upgrades the sound in inexpensive speakers by a high margin. Audio3D is a game-changing technology that transforms poor quality audio into ear popping surround sound. Through their technology, flat sounding audio embedded in streaming videos, streaming music services/MP3s and games becomes deep and rich. This technology accomplishes what the best speaker or headsets can’t: make poor quality audio sound great. Audio 3D’s transformational software solution does not increase file size, and can be implemented on a device’s operating system or built-in chip. The technology can also be layered in network software platform that enhances sound quality. 



49 Rue de la Vanne, 92120 Montrouge, France

Technology: Anti-Sexting video & pictures delete real time from any mobile device  

Market: Smartphones, PC, ISP, Software & Carriers

Profil Technology is a 26 year old company whose parental control solution, Witigo, protects over 500,000 equipments (with a majority of tablets) all over the world. Witigo has ranked seven times as ‘best Parental Control’ over the last years by the independent NGO Action Innocence. 




Kiwi Wearable Technologies Ltd  

85 King St E #402, Toronto, ON M5C 1G3  

Technology: Real time motion recognition software 

Market: Sports broadcast video cameras, VR / AR  OEMs

Kiwi is the leader in motion recognition technology, whose software can capture and analyze motions for athletes in any sport. From jumping to shooting, advanced metrics can be precisely measured in real-time, improving the fan, player, coaching and broadcaster experience. Kiwi has vast experience in the sports market, and leagues like the NBA have already started incorporating this motion technology as their everyday metric analysis platform.  Kiwi’s software is in synch with the changing landscape of sports broadcast technologies and can provide a competitive advantage to companies with their tracking technology. 

case study 1

case study 2

CogniSens  Inc. 

5186 Cote-Des-Neiges, Suite 4 Montreal, QC, Canada H3T 1X8

Technology: Talent Management and NeuroTracker objective assessment software 

Market: Software / ISP related  in HR, Education, Sports (professional teams)

CogniSens has developed a non-invasive, sensitive and objective system that rapidly assesses and improves the fundamental skills for attention, awareness and information processing speed. NeuroTracker has been validated at the heights of professional sports (NFL, NHL, NBA) and elite military operations (SEALs, Rangers, USMC) for recruitment, training and assessment. It has been clinically validated to improve brain function and physiology in healthy young adults, active agers and individuals with attention deficits.