In terms of new technology acceptance, Licensing is the most preferred business model in that its acceptance and approval is often “fast tracked” with all parties — especially supply chain management as a new vendor. Completing the approval cycle is a daunting task, especially when it requires cross-functional acceptance from organizations such as: engineering, user experience, marketing and innovation strategy. Once the technology is approved, the next hurdle is vendor approval, as manufacturing presents different complications. The simplest and quickest path to production is license arrangement. JLM's focus for licensing technology is European companies with revenue of $50M+, startups and major research institutions.

companies under agreement with jlm:



MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH  

Sportparkstr. 935578 Wetzlar | Germany  

Technology: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Therapy (Enhance Bone Growth)

Market Medical: Primary MRI OEMs 

After 15 years of experience in Magnetic Resonance Treatment (MRT) technology in human medicine, Medtec’s patented MBST®-Magnetic Resonance Treatment has been extended to veterinary medicine. MBST®-Veterinary is a conservative therapy based on MRI technology: currently the best and most precise method of diagnostic analysis. With a significant success rate of more than 80% in more than 185,000 patients in human medicine and unmatched international study results, the new MBST®-Veterinary also helps in numerous orthopedic indications in horses.


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Elbert, CO 

Through independent third party studies, solar efficiencies have been proven to almost double photo-voltaic technology efficiencies. This efficiency, when properly implanted into a solar system, represents the holy grail of solar energy. Spara Tech, Inc. has created a globally based search to evaluate several processes that are necessary to construct prototypes as well as enable even higher efficiencies with a multi-metal layer design. Spara Sparatech is stealth mode company that has been perfecting the manufacturing process and  licensing design to elite 3rd party electronic manufacturer that can take R &D design to full production 

The potential licensee is a global Fortune 500 firm which JLM has 20+ year history. Spara Tech has gain interest with a number of the  top ten solar panel OEM’s. There is no additional process equipment but any major capital investment. The new hybrid electric solar panel that can capture 25% of total market share as half the cost than today’s current prices. Full production time wise less than 12-18 months. This is a market that by adding a new line starts at $1B a year in sales. Demonstrations are being set up with companies that sign a letter of intent. 

In order to verify the thermoelectric effect, the open-circuit voltage and the short-circuit current were measured with precision multimeter (Tektronix DMM4040).

The junction setup is located at the right lower side of the picture, the ca 5x5 cm glass plate is mounted vertically, so there is an access to the back for the heating experiments. The junctions & wring are located on the front-side, to avoid any damage by touching the fragile printed metal lines during the experimentation.

Circuit voltage with junctions at room temperature = initial state before any experimenting with local heat-up with finger (ca 35°C) and with heat-up by small gas flame ( ca 110°C) 

Temperature was measured with IR-camera, having an calibrated temperature read-out.

Voltage & current was detected : 



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Prior Companies Under Agreement


Audio 3D

Paris, France  

Technology: Enhance sound in any product that has a speaker or streaming software 

Market: PC-Tablet, Headphones, Smart Phones, Speakers, Stereo, Wearables

Audio 3D developed a digital algorithm that upgrades the sound in inexpensive speakers by a high margin. Audio3D is a game-changing technology that transforms poor quality audio into ear popping surround sound. Through their technology, flat sounding audio embedded in streaming videos, streaming music services/MP3s and games becomes deep and rich. This technology accomplishes what the best speaker or headsets can’t: make poor quality audio sound great. Audio 3D’s transformational software solution does not increase file size, and can be implemented on a device’s operating system or built-in chip. The technology can also be layered in network software platform that enhances sound quality. 



49 Rue de la Vanne, 92120 Montrouge, France

Technology: Anti-Sexting video & pictures delete real time from any mobile device  

Market: Smartphones, PC, ISP, Software & Carriers

Profil Technology is a 26 year old company whose parental control solution, Witigo, protects over 500,000 equipments (with a majority of tablets) all over the world. Witigo has ranked seven times as ‘best Parental Control’ over the last years by the independent NGO Action Innocence. 




Kiwi Wearable Technologies Ltd  

85 King St E #402, Toronto, ON M5C 1G3  

Technology: Real time motion recognition software 

Market: Sports broadcast video cameras, VR / AR  OEMs

Kiwi is the leader in motion recognition technology, whose software can capture and analyze motions for athletes in any sport. From jumping to shooting, advanced metrics can be precisely measured in real-time, improving the fan, player, coaching and broadcaster experience. Kiwi has vast experience in the sports market, and leagues like the NBA have already started incorporating this motion technology as their everyday metric analysis platform.  Kiwi’s software is in synch with the changing landscape of sports broadcast technologies and can provide a competitive advantage to companies with their tracking technology. 

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CogniSens  Inc. 

5186 Cote-Des-Neiges, Suite 4 Montreal, QC, Canada H3T 1X8

Technology: Talent Management and NeuroTracker objective assessment software 

Market: Software / ISP related  in HR, Education, Sports (professional teams)

CogniSens has developed a non-invasive, sensitive and objective system that rapidly assesses and improves the fundamental skills for attention, awareness and information processing speed. NeuroTracker has been validated at the heights of professional sports (NFL, NHL, NBA) and elite military operations (SEALs, Rangers, USMC) for recruitment, training and assessment. It has been clinically validated to improve brain function and physiology in healthy young adults, active agers and individuals with attention deficits.