The Sports industry encapsulates both consumer products as well as human performance strategy, making it a challenging market to crack. For more than 25 years, JLM has worked with the Sports OEM market in the marketing of apparel and tracking devices. Today, consumers want wearable apparel such as smart watches, smart glasses, helmets and VR/AR headsets that connect to a smart phone. While a number of successful OEMs have identified a market niche with patient monitoring systems that are then acquired by medical OEMs, the volumes don’t match other durable consumer goods. This makes it essential for these companies to find the right marketing partner to find the logical match for their products.

Outside the OEM space, JLM works with sports teams to identify new sports science technologies and practices. We support most sports, including: American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Formula One, NASCAR. Equine, Rugby and Soccer.

Advanced Human Performance is the development of new advanced materials, equipment, sensors, and analytic strategies that enable athletes to realize their full potential. Optimizing the game plan includes sports analytics, statistics, data mining, and game theory. Analysis of injury and risk, and design and development of protective equipment along with associated new materials and sensor, is also essential. So far, the United States as a whole has lagged behind much of the world in terms of making that culture change in sports science. Baseball is probably best example to set up a program just based on the difficulty of the sport. The science to improve hitting a curve ball at 100 MPH is pure technology play. 

JLM has an established global presence with Advance Human peformance technology for most vertical markets and can set up beta testing to benchmark the improvement. As a rule, 99% of new technology companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 do not have the bandwidth to experiment with a professional team. Companies who need sales in multimillion dollar high volume typically work in consumer markets, and not professional sports team. JLM can bridge this gap by developing the “study” to enable a positive case for the consumer market.

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a new sport technology:
Neurotracker baseball performance

In baseball, improving the quality At Bats (ABs) changes the game. The number of pitches received when a player is up impacts the pitcher’s performance. The more pitches thrown, the harder the pitcher works, and the soon a pitcher could be relieved. Sport Vision Acuity, the new revolution in sports vision and mental training, is perceptual-cognitive training. The unique differentiator for NeuroTracker is the “far transfer” effect that improves professional performance as a result of enhanced situational awareness, cognitive stamina and dynamic scene processing ability. NeuroTracker improves the key skills needed in baseball: Pitch Recognition, Effective Playmaking and Mental Endurance. Watch this video to gain an understanding of how NeuroTracker works



improving performance of baseball pitching

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