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SparaTech’s new Thermal Electric solar panel design has been refined by association with several companies that have demonstrated the manufacturing processes needed to achieve low cost rate production. The processes required include metabolized ink print electronics, laser sintering, micro-fluidic circuitry and  laser etching and bonding that  already exist for other markets. The transition to rate manufacturing requires the conjunction of each of these 3rd party capabilities and existing equipments into a single manufacturing entity source. The material cost of three metals and glass substrates is substantially insignificant when compared to semiconductor material. The Micro-fluidics cooling enables the solar panel to achieve extremely high energy efficiencies. It is the perfect adjunct to work as an additional energy generator to photo voltaic panels. Current solar panels are approaching their max on both efficiency and cost. The SparaTech panel is projected to produce lower volts/watt than even the current level of photo voltaic panels.

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J Lyons Marketing first experience with solar started with a start up company called Konarka which raised $160M back in in 1998. The technology was based on printed electronics process and made claims to be the greatest technology break thru of the decade. JLyons Marketing was hired to develop interest to pilot beta test the thin film solar technology  and from the beginning the solar performance never had energy output  and within five years went out of business. The technology was based on low price points and performance which “hooked” John Lyons on solar technology. Now about twenty years later  Sparatech looks to have the low price points and performance thus could be a game changer in the solar world. Over the years J Lyons Marketing has made low cost solar a “pet project’’ reviewing hundreds if not thousands of companies , processes & materials to come up with a low cost solar solution. As founder of J Lyons Marketing a technology marketing firm the ultimate true test is developing a technology that is disruptive a game changer. Now co - founder with the inventor Tony Corrado and working on license agreement in 2018.

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