JLM  covers network gear — routers, switchers & servers and wireless broadband transmission gear used in telecom base stations. Also cable for TV networks & broadcasts plus Satellite related to Pay TV OEM ’s ( DISH & DirectTV ). The strongest area would be set top boxes for cable & satellite mostly covering new technology for next generation products which includes software & advance electronics components.


Sofant Technologies Ltd. 

Alexander Crum Brown Road Edinburgh, EH9 3FF

5G Frequency Millimetre WaveTechnology   that can reduce high power consumption to lower power , ideally for mobile devices ( smart phones ).  The RF front end challenges in mmWave devices a good analysis of the power consumption/thermal challenges. Sofant  outlines the type of architecture that our low loss phase shifter technology enables. Sofant works with the major wireless network providers and semiconductors fab houses. 

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5G in perspective

5G PA Implementation & integration aspects

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