Our more than 20 years in the automotive market began with a tire-pressure monitoring battery that was manufactured by Maxell, the global leader in high temperature lithium coin cells that meet Department of Transportation specifications. From there, JLM technologies expanded its product services to audio, displays, camera and auto diagnostics technologies. 

We typically select proven consumer electronics technology to apply to the automotive industry. By choosing technology that only requires modification; we can reduce the engineering cycle in half – often cutting the time to 18 months from 36 months. Our proven strategy is to work with advanced engineering teams on new technology roadmaps and execute a fast track development program.

Today, we work with automotive OEMs in North America and Europe. We have strong partnerships with Germany’s top automotive manufacturers: Volkswagen-Audi-Porsche, BMW & Daimler.  


Examples of current clients:




Phantom Distance Measuring Technology Fast, Reliable & Low Cost

snow removal

flash lidar key differences

Phantom Intelligence brings LiDAR from the analog to the digital age with a signal processing technology which increases ranges by a factor of 3x (longer distance) and provides a 5x faster refresh rate. This means more precise distance and speed estimation, and the lowest false positive reads on the marketplace. 

Now recognized by the automotive industry as a leader in the field, Phantom Intelligence is actively looking for new applications of its technology. 

Phantom Intelligence reduces collisions by making reliable obstacle detection systems affordable to all vehicles. Phantom Intelligence’s collision warning sensor technology can be trusted where other sensors fail. Compact, low-cost and without moving parts, LiDAR sensors powered by Phantom Intelligence meet stringent automotive requirements to provide 360 degree awareness. 

To meet this objective, Phantom Intelligence provides signal processing algorithms that enhance the range and reliability of LiDAR (laser-based) obstacle detection devices.  We currently showcase this technology within solid-state low to medium resolution "Flash" LiDAR sensors for collision warning applications, providing accurate detection of vehicles, pedestrians and other targets under conditions where camera-based systems would fail (low-light, camera saturation, low-contrast, obscurants such as rain or snow etc.).   

Since early 2015, provide our clients with a technology evaluation platform (the "AWL"), in order for them to better understand our approach and assist on the specification of their customized requirements.  

The following documents will help you better understand LiDAR and the Phantom Intelligence advantage:

A technical presentation of Phantom Intelligence's technology platform

A summary data-sheet of the current 7 pixel AWL Technology evaluation platform

Phantom Intelligence is looking at extending the reach of its obstacle detection technology to new application sectors. The signal process technology avoids accidents avoids auto, humans & animals and the cost is rather cheap.  

J Lyons Marketing looks to set up 20 + beta sites in number of vertical markets in heavy duty vehicle market. Currently in with the market leaders in snow making equipment. ( six out of top eight ) sweepers, buses, ag, formula one, etc

Imint Image Intelligence AB  

Web: https://weareimint.com

 Kungsängsgatan 12, SE-75322 Uppsala, Sweden   

IMINT Live Object Tracker & Video Stabization Technology

Now recognized by the smart phone industry as a leader in the field, IMINT is actively looking for new applications of its technology. 

A software based solution will provide lowest cost and best performance.  No hardware is required !

The following documents will help you better understand video stabilization  advantage:


Imint New Markets

Please refer to the DxO score for Huawei P20, specifically for video stabilization. We are the company behind this solution, 


The Live Object Tracker is a world class software object tracker that has been proved with SAAB for remote flight tower management. This could be a very interesting enabler technology (just as video stabilization) for many of our target companies.

Imint Live Object Tracker

Imint is looking at extending the reach of its video stabilization & live object tracker  technology to new application sectors.  


Headquarters: Suite 343 162-168 Regent Street  London, W1B 5TD United Kingdom www.apical.co.uk

Technology: AD Automotive in-car display and camera technology / Assertive display for mirror replacement

Market: Automotive & mirror OEMS 

Apical specializes in developing cutting edge, next generation camera and display subsystems.  It applies a deep knowledge of human visual processing to create the best possible image quality and new user experiences.

apical overview

FLIR Systems, Inc.  

70 Castiian Drive  Goleta, CA93117USA

Technology: Low cost infrared camera chips embedded in a tablet that provide “real” diagnostics with third party software  

Market: Automotive OEMs, tool diagnostics for field service  

FLIR is the world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of thermal imaging infrared cameras. FLIR developed an infrared camera for tablets handheld device which provides the capabilities of a $2,000 embedded IR camera for roughly less than $100 per chip set, depending on volume. An infrared camera can be used as sales tool to scientifically provide proof needed on tire replacements, balance alignment, clogged catalytic convertor, electrical wiring, hoses, and more. 


lepton data sheet


320 N. Nopal Street Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Technology:  A liquid lens (Electrowetting on dielectric) for Auto focus and image stabilization applications. Micro-camera with autofocus for automotive applications

Market: Automotive & smart helmets OEMS


Paris, France  

Technology: Enhance better sound in any product that has a speaker 

Market: OEMs automotive and audio speakers

Audio 3D developed a digital algorithm that can make inexpensive speakers upgrade in sound by a high margin. Audio3D is a game changing technology that transforms poor quality audio into ear popping surround sound. The value added for this technology is that it can do what the best pair of speakers or headset can't do and that is make poor quality audio sound great. Not by increasing the file size but by transforming it through software solution. This can be accomplished with device in an OS or built in chip. Audio3D technology can be layer in network software platform that enhances sound quality.